Australian Enterprise Awards 2020

14 APAC / 2020 Australian Enterprise , BlossomLawyers Jan20150 Best Emerging Commercial Litigation Firm – Queensland We speak to Holly Edmondson of Blossom Lawyers, named Best Emerging Commercial Litigation Firm – Queensland, about the firm, its philosophy and why is it perfectly positioned for continued success. Blossom Lawyers is a law firm based in Southport on the Gold Coast, with a mission to provide quality legal advice and representation with a personable touch. Principal, Holly Edmondson, has more than 10 years’ legal experience and is able to advise and represent companies and individuals on complex matters involving Employment Law, Education Law, Commercial Litigation, Dispute Resolution, Liabilities and Insurance. Blossom Lawyers provides legal advice and representation on multiple issues affecting businesses, such as employment law processes and defending employment law claims, advising on insurance policy coverage and risk management, resolving claims and litigation against the business and issuing commercial claims on behalf of the business. Holly states that “at Blossom Lawyers we understand the impact an interruption can have on a business and we provide not just legal advice, but tailored advice that can be practically implemented by the businesses that we act for.” Blossom Lawyers’ services are provided differently to other local and national firms and Holly tells us more about this unique approach, including how it helps to differentiate Blossom Lawyers from competitors in the field. “At Blossom Lawyers we provide every client with the same excellent level of service, whether they are a small business with only one matter that it will need assistance with in its lifetime, or a large corporation requiring ongoing assistance on multiple matters; because every business matters!” she explains. “Blossom Lawyers changes the perception business owners have about smaller law firms; bigger is not always better. Holly has gained the experience and skillset from previously working in large national firms and is able to apply this technical legal ability to clients of Blossom Lawyers, but with a tailored personable approach. Being a smaller firm allows Blossom Lawyers to be more flexible in the way that it provides its legal services, to the benefit of its clients.” Blossom Lawyers is more accessible than other firms; clients can obtain legal advice and assistance out of hours. Holly makes herself available out of office hours, on weekends and public holidays, so that when a client encounters an issue, they can obtain immediate legal advice to put their mind at rest. “We grasp the issues and desired outcomes quickly, and provide our clients with their legal position, options and recommendations regarding the future conduct of their matter. We provide advice and ensure that the client understands their position so they can make fully informed decisions.” Blossom Lawyers responds quickly to client inquiries, provides deliverables in the time frame specified, and gives regular updates to its clients so clients are assured their matter is being proactively progressed. “The firm truly prides itself on the high level of client service provided and this is the reason we get repeat clients,” states Holly. There have been certain sector-specific trends developing in Australia and Holly describes how Blossom Lawyers is assisting clients in that area of law. “We are seeing more and more education law related matters,” she explains. “University students are no longer simply accepting university decisions when they have been made without due process, there has been bias in the decision maker’s mind, the decision is excessive, or new relevant information is available.” “An increasing number of university students are engaging Blossom Lawyers to assist with internal appeals and external claims and complaints. Academic and progression decisions can have catastrophic effects on university students and their future career prospects and university students are now ensuring that their interests are being properly protected.” With regards to the future, Holly shares a little information about what Blossom Lawyers has in store. “Our motto is ‘helping people and industries blossom’ and we intend to continue to do just that! We’re excited about the future and we are seeing clients who are very satisfied with the service and advice they are receiving.” “Fundamentally, we go above and beyond for our clients to find the most practical, time efficient and cost-effective solutions to their problems to help them sleep easier at night. Blossom Lawyers is excited for the brand to become recognisable among individuals and businesses alike and are confident that once people try our services, they will remain lifelong clients.” Contact Details Company: Blossom Lawyers Web Address: