Australian Enterprise Awards 2020

13 APAC / 2020 Australian Enterprise , 13 APAC / 2019 Busi ess Awards Jan20107 NLPWorldwide was recently titled Best Global Neuro Linguistic Programming Training 2020 by APAC Insider. We speak to Dr Heidi Heron and find out more about NLP and how it can help enhance our lives. NLP Worldwide is a global leader in coaching and training in the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming, with a mission to help empower the world by sharing dynamic skills of how the unconscious mind is easily adaptable in order to promote better communication between people, harness personal growth and live an authentic and integral life. Trainer, Dr Heidi Heron, explains more about Neuro Linguistic Programming, what it is and how it can benefit us. “Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP, is a communication and psychological modality that teaches the understanding of how the languages of the unconscious mind create the programmes and patterns we run in life,” she begins. “When we can understand how these patterns of emotions, behaviours and beliefs are created we can then enhance what is working, change what is not working and even create new patterns to help a person live a better life.” The skills of NLP are adaptable to all aspects of life Heidi continues, including communication, relationships, intrapersonal communication, personal growth, mental health, parenting, leadership, sales, motivation, health and much more. Heidi, now one of the world’s most recognised trainers in NLP, tells us the reasons behind NLP Worldwide’s success and what it is that differentiates the company from the competition. “Since 1994 we have been training NLP - we not only train the skills of NLP, we embrace them in our own personal lives and walk our talk. Compared to other providers of NLP training, we bring in a purposeful state of authenticity and congruency helping our students to truly gain exceptional skills. Additionally, our pre-course learning and after course support is second-to-none. After our seven day intensive training, we continue training and sharing the skills of NLP for the next 12 months and our students are invited to revisit their training and continue their NLP learning.” Heidi, and the other trainers at NLP Worldwide, keep their training very ‘pure’ and provide blending learning, via online modules, so that students have the ability to learn from the moment they register, until long after they have left the training room. “The current trend is to take shortcuts - but this is detrimental to our field at large,” Heidi explains. “We have adapted our training to include elements of online and distance learning as we have students from around the world. The main training and skill development is captured during the in-person seven days, but the fundamentals are shared during pre-course training online. This has NLPWorldwide Best Global Neuro Linguistic Programming Training 2020 helped to keep us in the forefront of technology changes without taking away the standards required for maintaining excellence in our field. “Ongoing after our training, we have a variety of after-course support items, including our Student Membership site which provides our students with on-demand learning opportunities to continue to learn the skills of NLP and get NLP into their muscle.” Staff at NLP Worldwide are also provided with constant learning opportunities and offered the ability to further develop their skills to ensure that their work and career values are met. “When recruiting, we use NLP to hire,” says Heidi, providing an example of how NLP skills can be put to work. “We ensure we know the psychological make-up and unconscious filters needed for people to succeed at their job and we hire accordingly. Also, we enquire about a person’s values to make sure we are the best fit long-term for our staff. Ultimately, we want our staff to know that NLP Worldwide is their family as much as their own family is.” NLP Worldwide operates in Australia, Singapore and the USA, although the firm is currently working on more opportunities to bring aspects of NLP to the community via online training options for leadership, parenting, change, and health. “More and more people are learning NLP to add coaching skills to their toolbox and resume - we are extremely proud of this training and the skills being developed by our students through the programme.” Contact Details Company: NLP Worldwide Website: