Australian Enterprise Awards 2020

10 APAC / 2020 Australian Enterprise , Best Luxury Hosiery Boutique 2020 Jan20195 Recently awarded Best Luxury Hosiery Boutique 2020 by APAC Insider, Sweet Pins is on a roll and shows no signs of letting up! We speak to Alexic Carlos about the brand and why it has injected new life into thousands of women across the globe! Sweet Pins is an exclusive e-boutique based in Sydney dedicated to providing fine hosiery and glamorous retro- inspired lingerie, with its core product being beautiful, luxury stockings sourced from some of the best hosiery designers around the world. Managing Director, Alexic Carlos, tells us more about the firm and its philosophy which has been inspiring discerning women, adventurous lovers, glamorous brides and burlesque queens all around Australia since 2009. “We believe that every woman should have a drawer full of fabulous, sexy underpinnings!” he exclaims and goes on to explain the companies’ four pillars, these being: Sensuality, Elegance, Luxury and Fun, which he states are celebrated in everything the firm does! “Women today are more daring and open about their sexuality. Their Sweet Pins desire to be and appear as sensual beings is reflected in their buying choices when it comes to clothing and intimate apparel. In the last few years alone there has been a huge revival of the seductive art form of Burlesque, and this is where we come in!” Recent trends have emerged across Australia, and indeed the world, which reflect this new-found need for sexy hosiery and Alexic has noticed regular Pin-Up competitions, Rockabilly festivals, Cabaret and Burlesque shows that keep attracting more and more people. “This is partly because there is a feeling of nostalgia for those days when women were always impeccably dressed and idolised by their men,” he embellishes, “but also because we all long to let go of needless inhibitions and inject a little bit of sparkle into our everyday lives.” With an extensive background in fashion styling, the dedicated buying team at Sweet Pins has a trained eye for finding garments that are flattering and complementary to all women’s body shapes, no matter how small, large or tall they may be. After listening closely to its clients’ needs, the firm has extended the traditional size range from simply small-medium and medium-large, to include additional sizes for voluptuous and extra tall women too. “Sweet Pins is helping hundreds of Australian women rediscover the pleasure and allure of beautiful hosiery, but most of all help them to find the perfect foundation garments for their shape and lifestyle needs!” Contact Details Company: Sweet Pins Web Address: