Australian Enterprise Awards 2019

9 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2019 , Magnesium Oxide Board Corporation Pty Ltd Best Sheeting & Panel Board Products Manufacturer 2019 Jan19109 MagnesiumOxide Board Corporation Pty Ltd (MgO Corp) is a family owned and operated business providing patented and innovative nontoxic and non-combustible material that are revolutionizing the residential and commercial building sectors around the world, with award-winning projects completed in Australia, NewZealand and America and thousands of projects finished throughout over twenty countries. Having recognised this pioneering company in this year’s Australian Enterprise Awards we profile it to share an insight into the secrets behind its phenomenal success. Established in 2010, MgO Corp has since flourished, and today it works alongside a wide range of clients around the world to provide them with unique products that will meet their needs. The forming of MgO Corp came about due to the increased concerns surrounding the poor performance of traditional building products to deliver protection within building and construction from fire, mould and extreme weather events. Founder Steve Marskell was introduced to magnesium cement flat sheet products in 2009 and he could see that there was great potential to evolve these materials into a superior high-performance product that would with the right refining and development, fill the void between fibre cement and plasterboard products in the con- struction industry. This is where the 10-year journey of reverse engineering, testing and evolving all aspects of what today is known as ResCom ® building products manufactured by MgO Corp under international registered patents, began. For the past decade MgO Corp has invested millions of dollars and thousands of their hours into developing and evolving the Res- Com ® high-performance range of building products. These products have been tested and utilised throughout the world for the past ten years and have proven to deliver the performances that the construction industry is in great need of. Demand for these products is growing strong, with customers now believing it is the time for MgO Corps products to be the product of choice for construction. The manufacturing of these innovative products would at first look to be a simple process, when, in reality the manufacture and production processes behind the making of MgO Corps products is a very exact science that requires a thorough knowledge and under- standing of all aspects of cradle to gate production of the products as well as an in depth knowledge of how the products are required to perform when installed throughout a building. As the leading manufacture in its field of industry, the firm’s dedicated team of engineers, scientists and management work tirelessly alongside their custom- ers and in the firm’s research and development centre to assure the highest levels of quality control, and performance is delivered with every production run. Thanks to this hard work and expertise, over the years the firm has been a pioneer in the industry, with MgO Corp being the first company in the world to be awarded CodeMark Certification for the use of their manufactured exterior and interior linings/clad- ding materials within the building products industry in Australian and New Zealand under the Aus- tralian/New Zealand governments JAS-ANZ CodeMark Scheme and approved for mandatory use in building and construction back in 2011. Additionally, MgO Corp has gone on to also have extensive product testing, performances and compliance reviews and approvals issued for use of MgO Corps manufactured products in building and construction in UAE, America, Sweden, Malaysia and the United Kingdom. A key com- ponent of ResCom(R) boards is the use of high grade Magnesite which is known to be a very reliable and healthy material and it may surprise readers that the core base magnesium is of the same high quality that is used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical and agricultural products that we consume every day. This makes ResCom ® products an excellent choice for hospitals, schools, office building and family homes by delivering to its surrounding and the occupants a healthier, safer and even more sustainable environment to work, rest and even play. With the building market shaping and constantly evolving, the future looks bright for MgO Corps, with demand for the firm’s manu- facturing, knowledge, technology and products increasing every year. As such, the team are now confident that the foundations of the business have passed the test of time and the business model works. It is the company’s plan to attract investment that will allow it to expand manufacturing into all these other countries such as America, Canada and Europe. This expansion would see MgO Corp open up major distribution outlets in these countries giving customers greater access to these amazing products. Moving into these markets will also greatly benefit the building and construction markets, allowing for exciting opportunities that the team are eager to deliver. Contact Details: Company: Magnesium Oxide Board Corporation Pty Ltd Name: Steve Marskell Address: 8 Piper Street, Caboolture Queensland, Australia 4510 Telephone Number: +61754329890 Web Address: