Australian Enterprise Awards 2019

6 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2019 Business professionals are peer reviewed at all critical stages of their learning culminating in an observation event at the end of their course of learning. Thanks to this approach they are able to achieve and maintain CMMI ® Certification or ISO Personal Certification. Additionally, organisations using ACI Global are provided annual business reviews so as to achieve and to also maintain “Quality Organisation” Sustainability. For individuals ACI Global ISO Personal Certification is a formal recognition that the candidate and their Organisation have demon- strated their Competency through a specific body of Industry or ISO standards knowledge validated by the Candidates Nominated Organisation achieving either the Industry or ISO Business Systems Sustainability and ISO Certification and Accreditation through third party accreditation. Each course is then accredited against the organisations certified systems and processes, together with a Lead Appraiser or Mentor/s experience to further develop the candidate and organisational Capability, Maturity and even its Sustainability. These courses and solutions help ACI Global to achieve its mission: to create a practical and sustainable balance in the pursuit of deliv- ering “Ethical” Quality in Industry Education through the delivery of professional leadership development for personnel and organisations by identifying both employee and organisa- tional needs and understanding of the culture and value by providing specific Industry, CMMI and ISO training so as to drive corporate responsibility and sustainability. The acceleration and continuous improve- ment of people, their culture and values through ongoing verification of competency and sustainability services will enhance both employee satisfaction and economic viability for both business professionals and their organisations. Led by a team of industry experts, ACI Global is driving all these changes within the wider learning and corporate education space. Ian Erskine, Managing Director and CEO ACI Global is an experienced senior executive with more than thirty-five years of executive management experience highlighted with out- standing successes win business development and creating overachievers within the work- place, specialising in professional development through training of personnel to achieve high achiever status. He also provides specialist advice, analysis, planning and implementation of unique tools designed to significantly lift the growth and profitability of any medium to large enterprises. As a main CMMI Partner Business Point of Contact for ACI Global Ian draws upon a very extensive network to add to his experience at driving CMMI awareness through out the Australasian region in line with his own success with GRI. Internally, the firm’s culture primarily focuses on ensuring that every member of staff is aware of ACI Global’s position as a founding member of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in Australasia and further ACI Global’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility through guidance from ISO 26000:2010. As such each and every member of the firm’s team is able to strive towards the same goals and work alongside clients to provide them with the support and service they need. Looking to the future ACI Global will seek to bring CMMI to Australia by holding a major CMMI Event with in Sydney which will then increase the brand awareness and raise awareness on the benefits of this innovative approach to learning. Ultimately, thanks to this development and others ACI Global will further continue to provide its customers with a smarter and more cost-effective alternative to traditional Certifi- cation and Accreditation services by delivering professional leadership development and the verification of competence thereby creating Accelerating Continuous Improvement (ACI) for Business Professionals and for their Organ- isations. The company is further committed through the delivery of its services to ensuring continuity planning and ongoing support for all resources including employees, learners, mentors, stakeholders and even sponsoring organisations.