Australian Enterprise Awards 2019

44 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2019 , Christie Centre Inc Award for Excellence in Disability Support 2019 - Victoria: Christie Centre Inc Feb19259 Christie Centre Inc has been amajor provider of support for people living with a physical, sensory, intellectual or psychological disability in theMildura region for 65 years. We profile this unique organisation to find out more about the vital range of services it has to offer. Since it opened in 1954 the Christie Centre has flourished into a community based, not-for- profit organisation that employs 110-plus staff, 47 volunteers and services 120-plus participants. Over the years the organisation has been developing its model of support to respond to local people and local needs. Working with in a small community, the Christie Centre has always maintained strong partnerships with other local agencies and businesses. Due to its longevity in the community, the organisation is now well recognised and well respected as a provider of quality service and business. Today the Christie Centre is a leader in Social Enterprise Businesses and holistic disability support services in the Mallee region of Victoria. The Christie Centre is currently overseeing four Social Enterprise Businesses that support people living with a disability by empowering them with supported employment opportunities and valuable life skills enabling increased active involvement in their community. The organisation values its supported employees as equal contributors to the organisation, and pay award rates at the level determined by a wage assessment. Income generated through the centre’s own businesses enables it to deliver specialist programs for all people with complex support needs. Reinvestment into the organisation improves the Christie Centre’s economic viability, in turn benefitting all current and future participants. Recently, the rollout of the NDIS with-in the Mallee region is enhancing the growth of some organisations, the introduction of new businesses and the closure of others. Seeking to adapt around this latest company development, the Christie Centre draws on its strong Business Continuity Plan and is adequately staffed, informed and resourced to adjust to the new funding and service delivery model. Looking ahead, the Christie Centre will continue to adapt around the latest market developments to ensure that it remains able to provide its service users with the unique support and service they need. Contact Details: Company: Christie Centre Inc Name: Florence Davidson Executive Officer Address: 115 Twelfth Street, Mildura, VIC, 3500 Telephone Number: 0350232761 Web Address: Acknowledge the photographer – Vision House Photography. © Christie Centre Inc