Australian Enterprise Awards 2019

43 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2019 , Sunglass Fix Most Innovative Sunglass Replacement Lens Manufacturer 2019 & APAC Excellence Award in Environmental Sustainability 2019 Feb19222 Offering a sustainable alternative to throwing away sunglasses, Sunglass Fix provides quality lenses that replace scratched or damaged lenses in almost any pair of sunglasses. We spoke to Craig Anderson to find out more about the firmand the services it has to offer. Since its inception in 2006, Sunglass Fix has been a pioneer and industry leader focusing on providing replacement lenses for sunglasses. The firm’s primary goal was to develop a sustainable, easy, and cost-effective alternative to just throwing away sunglasses when the lenses are damaged. Today, Sunglass Fix manufactures over 130,000 different sunglass lens models here in Australia, serving customers in over 155 countries around the world. Craig explores the importance of his firm’s solutions and how they are changing the global sunglasses market for the better. “Before we started Sunglass Fix, wearers were forced to spend money on new sunglasses and throw out perfectly good frames. With over 1 billion sunglasses being sold each year and many ending up in a landfill, it is extremely important that we address the waste issue. Along with our sustainable vision, we also base our operations around sound environmental principles. We currently produce more solar than we consume and consistently update our recycling procedures to minimise our impact on the environment.” This focus on sustainability and constant improvements has helped drive the firm to the success it enjoys today, and remains a key focus for Sunglass Fix, as Craig highlights. “Currently, Sunglass Fix’s extensive range offers replacement lenses for both women and men ranging from fashion to fitness. We constantly invest heavily into developing new products so we can continue to offer the largest range in the entire world.” “As a leader in this industry, our goal is to present both a high quality, sustainable, and affordable options to all customers looking to replace their lenses. To achieve the high standards our company is built on, we strive to source the highest quality raw materials and manufacturing equipment available on the market. Sunglass Fix not only works to ensure every customer has the best experience with our company and products but wants them to feel like they are a part of a sustainable mission.” To ensure its solutions are constantly at the forefront of emerging market trends and able to meet clients’ ever-evolving needs, Sunglass Fix is committed to using the latest technology, as Craig discusses. “As part of our focus on innovation and dedication to creating exciting new, quality products, Sunglass Fix invests heavily into systems and automation. We continually refine our operations with state-of-the-art machinery ensuring our products are produced and delivered to our customers as quickly as possible while maintaining our high-quality standards. In conjunction, our websites are regularly updated and highly integrated into our manufacturing process. Our systems must keep up to date with search and marketing algorithms and make the ordering and installation process as customer friendly as possible. Along with our in-house operations we work closely with global logistics and packaging companies to ensure our customers have full access to reliable, fast and cost effective shipping.” As he looks to the future Craig is confident that Sunglass Fix can continue to grow as it focuses on sustainability, quality, and product development. “Overall, here at Sunglass Fix our main mission is to make replacing sunglass lenses commonplace and something everyone does on a regular basis. To achieve this, we will continue toexpandour product line, developing approximately 20,000 new products a year. We will also continue to improve our systems and our operational processes. This ensures that our customer experience from purchase to the installation, is made as convenient and affordable as possible.” “Moving forward our focus is on spreading awareness about replacing lenses and the environmental impact of not repairing perfectly usable products. Sunglass Fix is heavily focused on changing the sunglass industry and leading it towards a more sustainable future. We want to change the way people use sunglasses, making replacing their sunglass lenses as commonplace as getting new tires on their car. We will continue to focus on providing the best quality lenses at affordable prices to customers worldwide and work hard to get the word out there that replacing lenses is an easy, cost effective solution that saves money and the planet.” Contact Details: Company: Sunglass Fix Name: Craig M. Anderson Address: PO Box 28, Ocean Shores, NSW 2483, Australia Telephone Number: AU:1 800 786 349 US:530 562 4800 UK:20 3290 1799 Web Address: