Australian Enterprise Awards 2019

41 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2019 , AUSTSWIM LIMITED Aquatic Teacher Training Specialists of the Year 2019: AUSTSWIM LIMITED Feb19151 Drawing onmore than 40 years’ experience, AUSTSWIMLIMITED is an innovative teacher training company which teaches swimming teachers to drive their pupils towards aquatic excellence. We profile the firm to find out more and to learn the secrets behind its phenomenal success it has today. Since it first began AUSTSWIM has flourished, and there are currently over 33,500 AUSTSWIM Teachers in Australia and internationally with over 10,000 licensed in teaching specific programs such as infants, people with a disability and adults. Thanks to this vast expertise and global reach, AUSTSWIM is now the only organisation which provides the internationally recognised accreditation of ISO/IEC 17024 to its licenced Teachers of Swimming and Water Safety in Australia. For most of the organisation’s members, AUSTSWIM journey starts as a child when they become familiar with water, learn about water safety and learn to swim. For some, this will lead to a career in water activities including teaching or becoming a life saver or enjoying competitive swimming. For every member it is the start of a safer journey where they can enjoy activities in, on and around water such as fishing, boating, water exercises, a day at the beach and so much more. As these members then become parents the cycle commences again as they provide their children with the same opportunities to enjoy these activities through AUSTSWIM. This process, has led the organisation to the incredible success it currently enjoys. Ultimately, AUSTSWIM’s mission is to provide each and every pupil and teacher with a life of enjoyment in, on and around water. This will remain the organisation’s ongoing focus as it looks towards a bright and prosperous future. Continuous improvement is its core focus, and as such it will continue to strive towards excellence over the years ahead. Contact Details: Company: AUSTSWIM LIMITED Name: Veronica Varetsa Address: 8/21 Howleys Road, Notting Hill, Victoria 3168 Telephone Number: 1300 885 529 Web Address: “AUSTSWIM’s mission is to provide each and every pupil and teacher with a life of enjoyment in, on and around water.”