Australian Enterprise Awards 2019

39 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2019 , Utopia Financial Partners Best Accounting & Financial Advisory 2019 - Western Australia Jan19540 Utopia Financial Partners (UFP), bridges the disciplines of financial advice, accounting, tax and business advice seamlessly. We profile the firm to find out how this is achieved and how the firm came to win one of our prestigious Australian Enterprise Awards for 2019. With more than 4,000 accounting clients and over $1 billion in funds under management, UFP’s team of expert accountants has the proven experience to manage, balance and co-ordinate every element within their clients’ financial and wealth creation needs to help them achieve their goals. Thanks to its knowledgeable team, UFP delivers big picture solutions that are tax efficient, structurally sound, and cost efficient. Good strategy and execution results in clients building sustainable wealth in quality assets. Protecting their assets is always a key consideration, and the team are focused entirely on this in all aspects of their work. Each and every one of this team of dedicated advisers is a Chartered Accountant or CPA with at least three years of tax structural experience. All accountants receive financial and business training as part of their internal training so that clients can rest assured that they are receiving the very highest possible standard of our service and support when they work with UFP. The firm’s team know how financial strategy and products work, when they work, and the outcomes are measurable in terms of any improvements in a client’s financial performance, lowered debt and lowered tax outcomes. Debt structures are continuously reviewed, and UFP’s mortgage broker can refinance a position quickly having all the compliance documents immediately available. A comprehensive knowledge of superannuation law is a core requirement for all staff in all areas of the practice, and this ensures excellence for each and every client the firm has the privilege to work with. Operating in such a competitive market, UFP has to work hard to differentiate itself from its competitors and mark itself out as the best possible option for its clients. Education is a critical point of difference for UFP, as all of the firm’s staff receive training in all financial and business services being offered. The firm’s accountants are all professionally trained advisers in accounting, tax, business advisory and financial advice. After completing formal CA studies, they can specialise into either financial advice or business advice. They all have highly developed problem- solving skills and an awareness of the wider range of solutions which makes facilitates better integrated advice. Accounting, tax, debt management, and financial planning issues should not be looked at in isolation. Accounting advice is a key component financial advice, and it is treated as such by every member of UFP’s staff, so that clients receive expert solutions that they can rely on. Seeking to build upon its already phenomenal success, UFP recently expanded by buying a small business accounting firm, expanding the existing service offering to provide business advice and financial advice. To reduce on the cost and increase the clients education, the firm now offers an educational, general-advice group advice sessions for up to eight participants, holding 1.5-hour sessions over 6 weeks covering market cycles, even types of structures, investments, estate planning, superannuation, debt management, and understanding risk. Participants can then elect to obtain personalised advice. Ultimately, this client focused approach will remain central to UFP’s ongoing success as the firm looks towards a bright future. The team will continue to educate themselves on the latest industry developments to ensure that they provide clients with the cutting-edge support and service that clients have come to expect from this award-winning accounting and financial advisory specialist. Contact Details: Company: Utopia Financial Partners Name: Deborah Whiting Address: B13, 431 Roberts Road Subiaco WA 6008 Telephone Number: 08 9442 3777 Web Address: “They all have highly developed problem- solving skills and an awareness of the wider range of solutions which facilitates better integrated advice.”