Australian Enterprise Awards 2019

37 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2019 , Beska Chella Contact Details: Company: Beska Chella | Contact: Rita Duma Website: Picture of both Co Founders/Directors (Simon & Rita) © Beska Chella Best Organic & Vegan Dessert Bakery - Sydney: Beska Chella Jan19478 Beska Chella is an online bakery producing delicious healthy organic and vegan treats. As part of our overview of a selection of our deserving winners from this year’s Australian Enterprise Awards we profile the bakery to find out more. Inspiring healthier communities across Sydney and beyond, Beska Chella creates stunning, sumptuous cakes and loaves which are vegan, organic and healthy. As such, alongside looking amazing and tasting delicious, all of the bakery’s delights use nutritionally dense ingredients that are 100% natural. Every product is made fresh to order and is handmade. Thanks to the bakery’s delicious treats and exceptional customer service it has gained a strong following over the years, and today it supplies a wide range of people. In addition to the delicious array of healthy desserts, cakes and treats available on its website, Beska Chella also accepts custom orders, and creates unique designs to suit the needs of an individual client if required. Each of its product is expertly crafted, and substitutions are made where possible to suit their customers specific dietary requirements. Beska Chella creates Australia’s largest range of baked & raw healthy desserts. Their entire range is free from gluten, dairy, grains & refined sugars, are preservative free and organic. The healthy dessert bakery produces a unique range of raw desserts to cater for the new trend for diners eating only raw, uncooked foods to gain the maximum nutritional value from their meals. Looking ahead, as seeing all natural, sugar free and plant-based diets continue to grow in popularity and consumers move towards more ethical and environmentally friendly dining options, Beska Chella is perfectly positioned to grow even further and support a wider range of consumers over the years to come. The team continue to innovate and enhance their menu to ensure that guests continue to be delighted and surprised by the treats they can buy from this unique bakery. “Beska Chella products are expertly crafted, with substitutions being made where possible to suit customers specific dietary requirements.”