Australian Enterprise Awards 2019

36 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2019 , Educare Sydney Best English Tuition School - New South Wales: Educare Sydney Jan19433 Educare Sydney Contact Details: Company: Educare Sydney | Name: Gabriella Finberg Nagata Address: 9/1-7 Waratah Avenue, Randwick, 2031 Telephone Number: 0408000966 Web Address: Drawing on the experience on Founder Gabriella Nagata, Educare Sydney offers a stimulating and safe environment for students seeking English tuition in their final matriculating year. As part of our overview of a selection of the winners from this year’s 2019 Australian Enterprise Awards we profile the firm to find out more about the range of services it has to offer. With a selection of teaching videos, consultation services, educational blogs and personalised notes on literary texts, as well as both group and individual tuition, Educare Sydney is able to offer a wide variety of services to suit the needs of its students. Experienced in HSC marking and in her own publication of literary analysis, Gabriella understands the difficulties students face in articulating their ideas and more importantly navigating the de- mands of our educational system. In addition to the teaching of small sized groups and the publication of notes, Gabriella also provides individual support, in which she is able to provide diagnostic evalua- tion of a senior students’ strengths and weaknesses and pinpoint specific academic aspects that require improvement. With these consultations’ parents are then in a position to consider the kind of help their child requires. It is this bespoke service and Gabriella’s own expertise that sets Educare Sydney apart from its competitors. Students are then taught all their texts and are provided with the skills to create and express their insights, which are often overlooked by other larger companies. Many educa- tional institutions are interested in a practical and efficient way of teaching. Whilst practicality is economically viable, it does not really tap the student potential, nor does it offer the kind of in- depth approach to literature that is offered at Educare Sydney. Gabriella herself comes from a family of educators, and speaks a number of languages, enabling her to offer multicultural services and support, which is vital being based in such a vibrant and rich community. As Sydney, NSW Australia is multicultural, she has the advantage in overseeing and researching how effectively her methodology and teaching style compliments different ethnicities. She is also able to study the de- mographics to better understand the culture of learning as she is familiar with these demographics and the influence of culture on learning. This enables her to gain a greater understanding on how to reach a broader base of cli- entele and to grow her business competitively moving forward. Seeking to build upon the success that Educare Sydney has already achieved. Gabriella is very keen to start her marketing in the Asia Pacific area, especially as there are a great many of ex- pats living abroad whose children would be advantaged by the firm’s service offering. Gabriella herself is also currently applying for a doctorate in educational reform, which will give her even greater experience within the industry. Ultimately, Gabriella intends to offer her own services as a teach- er consultant and trainer within Australia and abroad so that she can contribute to the education sector globally. This ambitious goal will help her and the Educare Sydney to grow and flourish and enjoy a bright and prosperous future for Educare Sydney.