Australian Enterprise Awards 2019

29 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2019 , Acorn Strategy Australia Best New International Marketing & Communications Agency 2019 - Australia Jan19296 Contact Details: Company: Acorn Strategy Australia | Contact: Annabel Amann Website: Acorn Strategy is an international marketing and communications agency that has worked withmore than 200 companies over the years, driving each and every one to success through its proven formula for marketing strategy and award-winning execution. Drawing on this experience, the firm is the perfect partner for a wide range of clients looking for sustainable results and lasting benefits, as we found out whenwe profiled and explored the secrets behind its success in this year’s Australian Enterprise Awards. Since its inception in 2010 Acorn Strategy has been dedicated to helping companies grow with in the Middle East. Over the years the firm has flourished, and it now boasts offices in the (UAE) United Arab Emirates (Dubai/Abu Dhabi), United Kingdom (London) and most recently with in Australia (Perth). Specifically, Acorn Strategy Australia was launched in early 2018 and has had great success thus far, securing the prestigious 2.5 year contract to deliver the Communications and Marketing for the Australian pavilion at the upcoming Expo 2020 Dubai, alongside a partner agency. Ever since it first opened up its doors, the office has prided itself on being strategy-led, helping governmental and non- governmental organisations identify between the best path forward to achieve their mar- ensure brands take their first steps towards international market success with confidence. This driven team thrive on researching and unravelling the complexities of the market to create bespoke integrated communication strategies and plans that optimise their clients’ business performance, followed by award-winning execution. From analysis and insights, to strategy and campaign implemen- tation, Acorn Strategy’s team of experts will ensure that its clients are always making the strongest impact and gaining the greatest results as they expand and grow further their businesses into what’s a rewarding, yet challenging business landscape. It’s this tried-and-tested formula for growth that has led the firm to win numerous awards and recognition for its work, both within the UAE and on the global stage and the team are determined to continue this trend into Australia. This will remain Acorn Strategy Australia’s ongoing focus as it looks towards a bright and prosperous future filled with invigorating possi- bilities for further growth and success. keting, communication and most importantly their business objectives as they continue to expand and further grow their businesses in the Middle East. The agency has quickly become the ‘go-to’ agency thanks to its award-winning interna- tional marketing strategy, public relations, and integrated marketing and communications. This has been achieved by investing in Acorn Strategy’s expert team of international marketing specialists and its new office location strategically positioned with in Perth, Australia – also known as the ‘western gate- way’ to the world. The entire team at Acorn Strategy understand how difficult it is for clients to find the time, resources and local knowledge to ensure their international marketing, communications and PR represent value for money and generate a return on investment. As such, they work very closely alongside them throughout the process to then ensure that they receive all the ‘right’ marketing and communication solutions by using their award-winning 6-step plan, which Annabel Amann, General Manager, Acorn Strategy Australia & Kate Midttun, Founder and Manager Director of Acorn Strategy (left to right)