Australian Enterprise Awards 2019

19 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2019 , IMG SOS Best Emerging Medical Licensing Support & Training Organisation 2019 Jan19211 Contact Details: Company: IMG SOS | Contact: Sam Gayed Website: Based inMelbourne, IMG SOS is a professional course provider for medical licensing exams which combines professional experience with quality service to ensure excellence for everyone it supports. To celebrate the firm’s success in this year’s Australian Enterprise Awards we profile it to find out more about the vast array of services it has to offer. Drawing on its vast industry expertise, IMG SOS is a fast- growing company that understands the needs of doctors and provides effective, smart and fast solutions to prepare overseas trained doctors for their AMC/FRACGP/ PESCI exams. The firm’s core business is to provide one-on-one AMC (MCQ & Clinical) courses, PESCI and FRACGP (AKT/KFP/OSCE) preparation, via Skype, in order to help each candidate within an individualised context and focus on individual’s needs. Students can book face-to-face courses run at IMG SOS’s centre. Clients can rest assured that they will receive the very highest possible standard of support when they work with IMG SOS as the firm is also listed by the Australian Medical Council (AMC) as a bridging course provider. The tutoring team is comprised of qualified tutors, fellowship examiners at the Royal College of GPs, Medical Educators, GP Mentors, IMGs and Australian trained doctors. All of the firm’s tutors have a track record of tutoring success and as such clients can rest assured that they are in safe hands when they work with this dynamic company. To ensure that every client receives the support they need and enjoys a stress-free process, IMG SOS allows every client the chance to cancel their course at any time and receive a refund. However, thanks to the firm’s expert tutors and dedication to creating customised plans that meet the needs of its individual clients, it has received 100% positive feedback on its process, content and tutors. Operating in such a competitive market, IMG SOS has to work very hard to differentiate itself and stand out from the crowd to its clients. As such, unlike the other course providers where the clients have to work within a group or even wait for a long time before they can start a course, IMG SOS provides one-on-one courses that are available at the time you sign- up, with immediate start and a customised session schedule that suits the clients’ unique needs. As a result of this process, increasing numbers of satisfied doctors are enrolling and / or are extending their sessions. Ultimately, it is this innovative approach to medical examination support and services that has helped IMG SOS to achieve the incredible success it enjoys today. As such, moving forward the firm will continue to enhance its strategy to ensure it remains able to provide its clients with the award-winning support that they have come to rely on.