Australian Enterprise Awards 2019

17 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2019 , Ivan Honey and Associates Pty Ltd Most Comprehensive Parent & Child Mental Health & Wellbeing Initiative - Victoria: The Get Happier Project Jan19213 For over 40 years, IvanHoney and Associates have provided a wide range of psychological services in the Bendigo region. We profile this innovative organisation to find out how they extended internationally. At first, the company worked with a wide range of clients who were referred by doctors and private companies. The business specialised in counselling, supervision, mediation, assessment, organisational psychology and debriefing as well as training both in Australia and internationally. But as a faculty member of the William Glasser Institute International, and a colleague of the late Dr Glasser (named as one of the eminent psychiatrists of the 20th century) , Ivan has trained thousands of people in Choice Theory psychology all over Australia, in China, Singapore, Indonesia, the USA and Europe, and set up the organisation in Malaysia. Over the past 15 years, after seeing the transformational impact of this approach, Ivan has created a new publishing and training entity, ‘The Get Happier Project’, which has adapted cutting-edge psychology to teach the knowledge and skills for wellbeing. As well as writing for a business magazine for many years, Ivan has authored a number of books, two of which have been best sellers on Amazon. He writes in a way that is easy to understand, highly visual, engaging and fun. He has developed a new visual approach to problem solving and counselling, creating delightful, colourful card sets that are best sellers worldwide. The ‘Get Happier School’ is his latest initiative, which provides a comprehensive, integrated and sequential learning program to teach children the knowledge and skills to get happier. In a challenging world that is changing rapidly, he saw the need for children to learn the mindsets and skills for optimal mental health and resilience. The Get Happier School is more than just a Social and Emotional Learning program. It is a practical and visual framework to build mental health and happiness, creating a positive and relational school culture. While this is a uniquely Australian program, we know that mental ill health, depression and anxiety are global issues. As a result, social problems, drug dependence, suicide and even violence are massive concerns for communities and this affect us all. The Get Happier School is addressing this world wide crisis through this practical and fun program for children, and is beginning to gain international popularity and recognition. Schools are already successfully using the program in Australia, China, New Zealand and the US. Ivan’s goal is to help children develop all of the skills and mindsets to then create happy meaningful lives. He believes that children have a right to be taught these practical skills for emotional intelligence,self esteem, resilience and effective relationships. Parents and teachers also have the same rights, and need to be fully supported. The program supports them to assist children to achieve these goals and to create a happier world. Ivan and his team continue to promote the Get Happier Project, which has many other applications and further digital possibilities. A new parenting program will soon be added to the bestselling parenting book. As the Get Happier School movement continues to grow, it will provide vital support to children, teachers, parents and communities around the world. Contact Details: Company: Ivan Honey and Associates Pty Ltd Contact: Ivan Honey Website: Ivan Honey at a Singapore workshop