Australian Enterprise Awards 2019

11 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2019 , Morlife Pty Ltd Australian Food Exporter of the Year 2019 - Queensland Jan19110 With consumers increasingly focused onwellness and the health properties of their food, Morlife Pty Ltd, with its tagline ‘Get More Out Of Life’, has flourished over the past 19 years. To celebrate the firm’s success in this year’s Australian Enterprise Awards we profile it and showcase the secrets behind the reputation for excellence it enjoys today. -foods, packed full of body-loving nutrients that come with a wealth of health benefits to boost clients on their journey to wellness. From Morlife’s boosting powders, functional cereals, fortified herbal teas, quinoa risottos, chia puddings and more, the firm’s revolution- ary products are rich in nutrients that have a functional purpose. If clients need help with alkalising, antioxidants, immunity, digestion, detox, joints, fitness, and gluten-free foods, then Morlife act as their one-stop-shop, helping them on their journey towards genuine wellness. Viewing every meal or snack as an opportu- nity to improve wellness and nutrition, Morlife has created a product line that includes delicious, healthy snacks as well as instant meals such as Quinoa Risotto. Understanding that it is not just adults who require nutritionally fulfilling, satisfying meals, the firm also targets children’s nutrition through two core products: Greens Kidz and Clever Kids. Many mothers struggle to get greens into their children, but now, thanks to Morlife, they can do this easily by mixing Greens Kidz with food or water. The product is so delicious that many choose to eat it straight off a spoon. The firm’s other child- focused product is Clever Kids, a chocolate flavoured delicacy that helps them to learn, focus and grow. Ultimately, Morlife is on a mission to drive a wellness revolution, which they hope will in- spire consumers and drive them to think more about the food they are eating and enjoy it more. This remains the firm’s core focus as it looks towards a bright future. Contact Details: Company: Morlife Pty Ltd Contact: Cheryl Stewart Website: Proudly Australian owned and operated since 2000, Morlife manufactures over more than 300 health food products ranging from healthy snack foods, dark chocolate coated super berries, superfood powder blends that have all been researched and designed to help cleanse the liver, alkalise, increase antioxidants, to rebuild collagen, vegan plant protein shakes, herbal teas and much more. Having come from humble beginnings as an idea which came to life in a family kitchen, Morlife now occupies 5,500sq m manufacturing facility in the life style capital of Australia, the Gold Coast. Now based on the sunny Gold Coast, the firm’s multi-award-winning products are sold Australia-wide and internationally in major supermarket chains, pharmacies and health food stores. The owners, the Stewarts, insist on proving the nutritional strength of the Morlife products, as it gains incredible con- sumer credibility, and most importantly, this is exactly how, using such Morlife products, customers will notice substantial gains in wellness. Having achieved phenomenal success in its home market, Morlife took to expanding its horizons in recent years, and as such is now a leading exporter of health foods. The Stewart family, who helm the firm to this very day, are passionate about travel and other cultures, and as such they were keen to take their award-winning product offering to a wider audience. Everyone a t Morlife feels that they have like a mission to be a great Australian exporter, and to support customers around the world to live a far fuller life. Key to customers gaining in wellness from using Morlife functional foods, is that they get motivated to improve their wellness. They then see Morlife as the “vehicle” to that success. This is critical, as the health food market is so confused. Rather than consumers thinking, oh here is a possible answer, Morlife insists in communicating real knowledge behind the link of nutrition to body function and explore what true wellness is. When clients understand this, they will commit better to taking a Morlife nutritional solution. This is because food by itself really is not the best solution. Nutrition research clearly shows that there is a potency of what those very needed nutrients are. As such, the real success for customers is when they actually feel the products effects. Then they really do see the link that nutrition to feeling wellness is. This then provides seri- ous motivation to keep on this high nutritional approach. At Morlife, the team believe that nothing feels so good as the taste of true wellness, and as such they have designed their products with this in mind. The team take great pride in having the highest quality functional super