APAC 2018 Australian Enterprise Awards

8 APAC / 2018 Australian Enterprise Awards , AE180017 Best International Spiritual Practitioner 2018 Stacey Demarco is an internationally respected spiritual practitioner, Metaphysicist, Witch, author and teacher. We profile Stacey to find out more about the intriguingwork she undertakes. Passionate about bringing the principals of paganism and practical magic to everyone, Stacey is well known for her work over the last 25 years including authoring a number of bestselling books. Her scholastic nature and straight forward style makes her a little different than most ‘spiritual practitioners’. As part of her focus on educating others in her practices, Stacey has written a number of books on the subject of witchcraft and how its practices can be integrated into modern life. Her first title Witch in the Boardroom, is a bestseller now in its third edition, and her other books including Witch in the Bedroom, The Coffee Oracle and The No Excuses Guide to Work and Purpose have been translated into many languages. She is also the author of a number of award winning oracle decks, including The Halloween Oracle, Goddesses & Sirens, Gods and Titans and the Viking Oracle which showcase her vast knowledge of world myths. Currently, her annual Lunar and Seasonal Diary for the Southern Hemisphere is the highest selling diary of its kind in Australia and New Zealand and a Northern Hemisphere version was launched last year to cater for the UK, Europe and US markets. Her business, The Modern Witch, was created to give people ethical guidance and opportunities to build a deeper connection with nature. She provides private consults as well as teaching workshops and leading the popular ‘Wild Souls Retreats’ internationally. Stacey comments on how proud she is to have won this prestigious award at such an opportune time. “I’m delighted to be recognized with this award in this our 20th Anniversary year and look forward to being of service to many more people all over the world.” Her website themodernwitch is one of the most popular websites in its genre and she is connected to a large and loyal following on Facebook and other social media outlets. Stacey lives on Sydney’s Northern Beaches on a cliff by the sea, with her husband and animal companions. Moving forward, Stacey will be expanding her online teaching platforms as well as offering more nature-based programmes. “It’s a mixture of new school and old school ways. Keeping a highly personalised approach but using modern technology can assist people where ever they are” , she says, “but nothing beats immersing people into remote natural environments which is the very essence of healing via earth honouring pathways.” Company: The Modern Witch Contact: Stacey DeMarco Address: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Website: www.themodernwitch.com