APAC 2018 Australian Enterprise Awards

7 APAC / 2018 Australian Enterprise Awards undertaking an extensive review of our business to offer even more benefits to staff, and make it even more beneficial to work with our business. This helps us to attract and retain the best talent in the industry, all of whom are committed to supporting our clients and the communities we serve.” As he looks to the future, Paul is excited for IPA’s future and the developments it has in store to help build upon its current success, as he is pleased to conclude. “Ultimately, IPA will be the best recruitment company as measured by clients and candidates by 2020. This will be measured qualitatively, not by size or profit. We have little interest in promoting our size, or our profits as a measure of success: instead, we want the stories of our clients and candidates to inspire others, and to promote action in people’s professional lives. Whilst we are of course profit driven and our management team do manage their own P&L’s we would like to think that above all providing the very best service to our clients and focussing on positive and meaningful outcomes to our candidates is the pillar of what we do and why we do it. Get that right and the profit will take care of itself.” AE180008 Best Employment & Workforce Solutions Firm 2018 Company: IPA Australia Contact: Paul Barbaro Address: Level 4, 271 Collins Street, Melbourne, 3000, Australia Phone: 0061 03 9252 2222 Website: www.ipa.com.au/