APAC 2018 Australian Enterprise Awards

4 APAC / 2018 Australian Enterprise Awards , The appointments mark a significant strategic step for Porta aimed at creating a more integrated global operation. Since its establishment in 2011, Porta has created and acquired an impressive roster of individual agencies across the UK, Europe, Australia, Asia and 1 Australian Business Leaders Promoted to Board Porta Communications Plc has announced the appointment of EmmaKane, Chief Executive of Redleaf Communications, and Brian Tyson, Managing Partner of Newgate Australia, as Joint Chief Executive Officers of Porta. the Middle East, together with strategic partnerships in Europe and North America. The Group is now committed to bringing together the best of what it does regionally, nationally and internationally, by leveraging the expertise from its individual businesses for the wider benefit of the Group. Emma has been appointed to the board of Porta and her first responsibility will be to combine Porta’s two largest London-based communications businesses, Newgate and Redleaf, and to lead the enlarged UK agency as its Chief Executive. She founded Redleaf Communications in 2000 and, in 2010, acquired and successfully integrated Polhill, a leading financial services PR agency. Since Redleaf was acquired by Porta in May 2014, under Emma’s leadership, the agency has won numerous industry awards and its revenues have grown by 27% and profits after tax by 53%. Today it is one of the UK’s most successful corporate and financial communications agencies, known for its specialisms in strategic communications, stakeholder engagement, issues and crisis management and media relations. The combined Redleaf/ Newgate operation will have 100 professional staff with offices in London, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds and Manchester. The wider international Newgate network includes offices in Europe, Australia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Middle East. Brian Tyson is the founding Managing Partner of Newgate Australia which was created in 2013. He was appointed to the board of the Porta in 2017. Brian has helped the Australian business to become the leading strategic communications firm in the country and the largest and most profitable part of the Group, achieving strong growth and profitability using an integrated business model which combines financial communications, public affairs, corporate communications, digital, stakeholder and community engagement and the market leading market research business. Steffan Williams, who was previously the Group’s Chief Executive Officer, has left the Group with immediate effect and will cease to be a director of Porta on or before 5 May 2018. John Foley, Chairman of Porta commented: “Redleaf has been a great acquisition for Porta and it now makes absolute strategic sense to combine the business with Newgate and create an enlarged business to capitalise on the expertise and proven track records of the exceptional people at both firms. “In Australia, from start up five years ago with a core group of 8 people in offices in Sydney and Melbourne, the business now has more than 100 professional staff and opened additional offices in Canberra, Brisbane and Perth. “Together, Brian and Emma will give us the leadership we need on both sides of the world to help roll out an integrated offering in our major markets, by learning from each other, replicating the specialist skills and services that exist in some markets, and adopting best practice in all markets to the benefit of clients internationally.”