APAC 2018 Australian Enterprise Awards

11 APAC / 2018 Australian Enterprise Awards , Founded in 1999, DebtCol Software provides a complete software solution that helps debt collection agents and law firms to collect debt faster. The whole debt collection process including litigation, repossessions, process serving, field investigation and online database searching is covered in a single application that has been proven to be successful and is used daily by more than 1800 users. To provide truly unique support, the firm draws on 19 years of listening to feedback, which has ensured that its software is practical and easy to use by anyone familiar with the debt collection process. Faster collection means better client service and that is a huge competitive advantage in today’s market. Looking to the future, Artificial Intelligence is the key trend in the debt management market at the moment, and with good reason. From intelligent personal assistants like SIRI to human-like self-learning robots like Sophia and autonomous-driving cars like Jack the Audi A7, artificial intelligence is paying a huge role in business today and is not going away any time soon. DebtCol is uniquely positioned to utilise its vast database of results, creating a more intuitive, guiding role for its users that is based on historical patterns it discerns from its data; making its users more aware of what works and what does not in the game of collecting debts. As such, the team believes that intelligent algorithms will be playing an important part in collection strategies and consequent workflows in the very near future, and will be supporting its clients in this by adding more smart integrations that make its product even more productive, as well as adding a new, more intuitive user interface. Best Debt Collection Software 2018 APAC 2018 Australian Enterprise Awards: AE180009 Best Debt Collection Software 2018 DebtCol is debt management software perfect for small agencies between 1-30 users, which is scalable up to hundreds of users as businesses grow. We profile the firm to learn more about its unique solution and how this benefits its valued clients. Company: Debtcol Software Contact: Sandy Barrett Address: Level 3, 235 Queen Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia Phone: 0061 1300 765 609 Website: www.debtcol.com.au/