APAC 2017 Australian Enterprise Awards

Diverse Indus- tries Austral- ia Pty Ltd is an i n t e r n a t i o n a l equipment spe- cialist service group sup- porting a wide range of clients. Lawrence Perkins tells us more about the firm and the solutions it offers. Diverse Industries Australia Pty Ltd trades under ETS and Equip- ment Specialists (a subsidiary of ETS) and are based in Chinchilla and Miles. ETS service the Surat Basin area and further afield, of- fering a wide range of equipment and specialist services to clients across Australia and New Zea- land. ETS provides Sales, Mechanical, Auto Electrical and Air Condition- ing, Parts and Accessories, Fab- rication, Welding and Machining services to the surrounding com- munity within the Coal Seam Gas, Mining, Industrial, Farming and other industries. Equipment Spe- cialists provides sales throughout Australia and New Zealand of Lo- vol Earthmoving Equipment and Alfa Tractors. Operating in such a tough cor- porate landscape, the group has to work hard to offer clients the solutions they need. Lawrence outlines how his company works to achieve this through its com- mitment to excellence. “Business confidence to spend is lacking and this trend, we be- lieve, will continue in Australia and throughout the world as talk of war brings uncertainty to every- one. We know we have a huge market for our business as costs become higher, we are unique in offering a high-quality service which meets our clients’ needs.” Moving forward, Lawrence is ea- ger to emphasise his firm’s plans to grow even further and explore the global market. “Looking to the future, we have plans to be known throughout the world one day within our relative industries. We are expanding our brands, Lovol Equipment and Alfa Tractors, and are determined to grow and prosper. To achieve this, we have listened to what customers want and so have adapted to this with our products.” “Basically a Caterpillar machine or John Deere tractor without the computer and sensors.” Company: Diverse Industries Australia Pty Ltd Contact: Lawrence Perkins Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 14 Malduf Street, Chinchilla, QLD, 4413, Australia Phone: 0061411 309 221 Web Address: www.etsqld.com.au www.equipmentspecialsist.com.au Best for Farm & Construction Vehicle Repairs - Darling Downs N AE170054

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