APAC 2017 Australian Enterprise Awards

54 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2017 , McWilliam’s is a family owned winery which was established in 1877 in Australia. The firm’s core brands include award winning wine, McWilliam’s, Mt. Pleasant and Evans & Tate. The firm operate on a global level with its key markets being China, Hong-Kong, Australia, USA and the UK and have distribution networks in many other countries within these regions. Garrick discusses the firm’s mission and how the company works to ensure that clients’ receive the very highest standards. “The McWilliam’s mission is a simple one, to become the most successful family owned wine company worldwide. In order to achieve this, we have up weighted our activity and resource in key markets both with investment and people and are focussed on brand building across our key brands to drive long term sustainability to ensure longevity for future McWilliam’s generations. “Fundamentally, we believe that the family ownership of McWilliam’s who hold true to our values of authenticity, sustainability, passion, courage and excellence are key differentiators when it comes to working with our clients. We value long term relationships with our clients which seek to form collaborative and mutually beneficial outcomes that we can Best Australian Wine-Maker 2017 McWilliam’sWines Group crafts, markets and distributes a portfolio of premium table wines and fortified wines globally. We caught up with GarrickHarvison to find out more. both be proud of. From our CEO, Jeff McWilliam and the family that guide the organisation, to the winemakers who spend hours crafting wines that receive global accolades to the whole team who together are passionate about bringing McWilliam’s wines to our customers and consumers. It is their dedication and commitment that make McWilliam’s stand out from the competition.” Australia is renowned for the quality of its wines, and Garrick is proud to outline the benefits of being based in this diverse country. “Being based in Australia is a huge benefit to the quality of our wines. Australia’s climate, fertile soils and our clean environment mean that our grapes ripen in non-polluted regions and deliver premium quality wines. Our main winery operation in the Riverina is an agricultural region of south-western New South Wales, Australia. The Riverina is distinguished from other Australian regions by the combination of flat plains, warm to hot climate and an ample supply of water for irrigation.” Looking to the future, Garrick foresees a number of developments in the market which will provide great opportunities for McWilliam’s. “Currently, within the Australian wine market we continue to witness the ongoing consolidation of companies within multiple industries across the corporate Australian landscape. In addition to this we are seeing technology change the retail offering with more consumers buying on line. As this trend continues retailers are beginning to offer more than just a ‘shop’ in traditional retail outlets – it is all about an ‘experience’. We are upgrading our on line offer to accommodate for these trends and upgrading our on line presence so that consumers can find our brands, explore our rich history and make it easier to purchase them either direct from us or our many retail partners. “Ultimately we are extremely energised about the future of McWilliam’s, as a family owned company that was established 140 years ago we are committed to ensuring our longevity and therefore we need to ensure that we innovate and change so that we are relevant to our consumers across our key markets. We are investing in our brands to appeal to different consumers and recently launched a number of innovative wines that address many different segments of the market.” Contact: Garrick Harvison Contact Email: gharvison@ mcwilliamswines.com.au Address: Jack McWilliam Road, Hanwood, NSW, 2680 AE170090

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