APAC 2017 Australian Enterprise Awards

, AE170025 Best in International Online Business Development 2017 ClubQT is a boutique advertising andmarketing agency working with primarily UK companies and clients who are seeking to launch their brand and products in Australia and NewZealand. We spoke to FounderMandy Sigaloff to find out more about the firmand the vast array of services it provides. ClubQT provides a marketing, planning and buying service across all media disciplines including TV, Radio, local and national press, magazines, ooh, programmatic, online and data driven campaigns to a wide range of clients including boohoo. com, CharlesTywhitt shirts, Boden, Cotton Traders, Pretty Little Thing, Trilogy skincare and Ecoya home fragrance. Working with local PR, social and experiential agencies the firm is able to offer clients an integrated approach when planning brand or product launches in this territory. Mandy outlines how the firm ensures that it offers clients the very highest standards of service and how its vast experience in the industry sets it apart from its competitors. “With over 30 years experience in Media and Marketing in both the UK, Australia and NZ, at ClubQT we understand and appreciate Marketing and Advertising in all territories. We work very closely with our client’s UK teams to ensure products, offers and language is localised and take into account the change of seasons and cultural differences. We pride ourselves on our extensive connections and relationships we have with both local and international media companies. We have been told on numerous occasions that we are ‘ahead of the game’ and ensure our experienced team delivers marketing strategies that deliver exceptional ROI results. “Staff is vital to ensuring our success, and we are privileged to work with a number of great teams who support our work. Our design department are on hand to amend and localise UK creative with local currency, laws, product and postal requirements, as well as designing assets in line with our client’s brief. In addition, our Implementation Team manage the printers, repro houses, and distribution of inserts, creative and products to the many distribution centres in both Australia and NZ. “Overall, we strive to understand your business and provide a service that our clients would expect form any members of their UK team. We have briefing and catch up meetings in UK time, work with UK reporting systems and deliver requested reports and proposals on UK deadlines. All reports and updates are in your in-box when they arrive first thing in the morning, which is one of the benefits of the time difference.” Another key benefit of working in Australia is the region’s dynamic corporate landscape, which has seen many clients look into moving into the area over recent years. Australian online sales exceeded $20 billion for the first time in 2016, strong growth was reported from both offshore and domestic retailers. However, growth has slowed since the heady days of 2011, when online retail sales grew more than 30 per cent. There is more competition in the market as more overseas pure-play and bricks and mortar retailers are taking advantage of these trends targeting Australian shoppers online. The days of promoting a UK website, with UK seasonal items have gone. Content and language are expected to be localised and marketing messages tailored to the local audience. As such, ClubQT’s success is based on the firm’s local knowledge, trends and experience which can only be gained by having a team based in Australia and New Zealand. Being based in Australia, the firm is able to report on the latest trends and support clients seeking to grow into this dynamic and increasingly vital marketplace, and this will remain its focus as ClubQT looks to a bright and prosperous future, as Mandy concludes. “As the competitiveness of overseas e-commerce increases, the key to success for many companies will be to have a team of experienced ‘locals’ who understand the market dynamics and can implement and support marketing plans at a local level. ClubQT provides this service to our overseas clients, and will continue to do so moving forward as we seek to work with new clients and build upon our current success.” Company: ClubQT Ltd Pty Contact: Mandy Sigaloff Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 3 Alma Street, Sydney, NSW, 2093, Australia Phone: 0061 403 547 620 Website: www.clubqt.com

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