APAC 2017 Australian Enterprise Awards

, Goodog Positive Dog Training has been running successfully for the last 10 years on the Northern Beaches Sydney. Drawing on this expericne the firm is able to offer a wide variety of courses to suit all needs, as Barbara outlines. “Here at Goodog, we offer a wide variety of classes on all levels (puppy preschool, teenage classes, advanced classes, Rally O, Agility, workshops for recalls, tricks and loose leash walking). We also offer in home consultations for problem behaviours. To ensure success, we only use positive reinforcement techniques that are humane, efficient and best practice. From one class a week we now run on average 8-10 classes a week, in home consultations and workshops. “Our mission is to keep every dog in his first and forever home. To achieve this, we provide support from puppy pre school, to teenage dogs as well as dog sports for mature dogs and help owners with older dogs. We now help owners with their second or even third dog. What marks us out as the best option for clients is that we are transparent with our methods and use positive reinforcement with our human clients, too. My background is in adult education. We are also better qualified than most Best Puppy Training Classes - Sydney Goodog Positive Dog Training provides dog training and puppy training tomeet the needs of its clients. We invited Barbara Hodel to tell us more. other trainers. This makes a huge difference in a currently unregulated industry. We are also committed to ongoing further education. Last year I travelled to Tampa Florida for the Pet Professional Guild Educational Summit.” Currently within the dog training industry, dogs are becoming more part of the family but also having more and more restrictions placed on them. It is extremely important to help owners to negotiate this narrow path without compromising the well being of their dogs. There is also not much tolerance anymore for normal but to us human inappropriate behaviours such as growling and snapping. While these are normal we obviously need to teach them not to display any of these. However, this has to be done in a positive way as the use of punishment will only make it worse. As such, Goodog are keen to continue to offer their positive focused services and support a wider range of clients in the future, as Barbara concludes. “In the near future, we expect that the dog training industry will be regulated, as it should be. We are looking forward to this as we already are highly qualified, accredited and use only science based methods. We also follow a strict code of ethics as per our professional memberships. “To build upon our success even further, Goodog are just about to launch our latest contribution to the wider community a free training site providing up to date and best practice advice from puppy hood to senior dog.” Company: Goodog Positive Dog Training Contact: Barbara Hodel Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 57-59 Annam Road Bayview 2104, Australia Phone: 0061 424 740 234 Web Address: www.goodog.com.au Facebook: goodogpositivedogtraining AE170058

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