APAC 2017 Australian Enterprise Awards

, AE170037 Best Skin Care Specialists 2017 - Sydney Ortron Corporation Pty Ltd are a research- based company in skincare operating for more than 35 years. Jacob Vromen tells us more about the firmand the services it offers. Established in 1982, Ortron has grown from a kitchen experimental laboratory into a boutique specialty production unit covering products both for humans and animals. The firm operate as a contract manufacturer offering our clients its formulations under its licence. Jacob outlines the range of services the company offers and how it works to provide excellence in all areas. “Here at Ortron, our aim is a specialty market both in Australia and abroad. We export approximately 60% of our production to South-East Asia, Europe and China. As a company we are of the belief that our policy using naturally derived products that are biodegradable, sustainable and environmentally friendly has proved right and answered the demands of the current market. “Therefore, our products are based on cutting-edge research and in many cases patented, such as our transdermal delivery system, our unique skin protectors, our advanced exfoliation treatment, our revolutionary shaving cream, etc, as described in J&J and AM manuals. Also, the fact that we do not have the so-called ‘label claims”, every element used in our formulations is at the effective working level.” What sets the firm apart from its competitors is its dedication to offering an ethical approach to cosmetic development, as Jacob explores. “Personally, I believe that our ethical approach towards skincare and the honesty of our products are the two main attractions to our clients. This puts us apart from the main- stream manufacturers. Further, we are geared at relatively small production (25 to 500 litres), which together with our vast library of formulae, developed over a long period, make start-up firms and small businesses, such as beauty salons, attracted to us.” Looking to the future Jacob and his team are keen to build on the current success of Ortron Corporation and grow even further, as he proudly concludes. “Moving forward, we are looking for research grants or collaboration with research institutes anywhere in the world. Further, we hope to enhance our marketing and sales, so that we can become more recognised and appreciated in the long run.” Company: Ortron Corporation Pty Ltd Contact: Jacob Vromen Contact Email: [email protected] Address: PO Box 165, Botany, NSW, 1455, Australia Phone: 0061 2 9316 8080

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