APAC 2017 Australian Enterprise Awards

4 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2017 , AE170007 Best PR Agency 2017 AC Agency (AC) comprises of a diverse teamof PR, marketing, media, experiential and digital experts dedicated to delivering fresh, creative and out-of-the-box communication campaigns. We profile the firm to explore the secrets behind its success. Established in March 2011, AC has carved a unique niche in the PR sector in Australia. Specialising in creative, innovative and multi-faceted award winning campaigns, the company prides itself on producing work that is not only ground-breaking but delivers great results. Founder Ro Markson leads a team of industry specialists who approach every brief with a fresh canvas and an open mind. Never taking no for an answer, pushing the boundaries and carving revolutionary pathways are just some of the things that make Ro’s team at AC so well respected. To remain at the forefront of industry developments and provide fresh, cutting edge content, AC has forged deep working relationships with leading journalists from media outlets around the Australia and beyond in all forms of media, traditional and social, influencers and bloggers. Therefore, the firm has become a trusted source when it comes to delivering newsworthy content and creative angles that make the public sit up and take notice. Through this commitment to excellence, AC has earnt the trust of its clients by being brave and provocative when responding to a brief. Each of AC’s clients know that this agency can be trusted when it comes to pulling off the impossible, and always gets the job done well whilst ensuring maximum impact and no missed opportunities. Among its recent success stories are the award winning Twinings Australia Afternoon Tea campaign, the hugely influential Homeward Bound Project, the Maille Mustard mobile truck, the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal Launch and the Yenda Beer 12 hacks of Christmas. The AC team thrive on challenges and delivering creative concepts that are deemed to be too impossible to bring to life. The team at AC live up to their promises. They vowed to deliver ground-breaking success with their Twinings Afternoon Tea campaign. “AC came up with the concept and core strategy and worked closely with us to lead agency teams to shape and implement the broader Twinings Australian Afternoon Tea Challenge campaign – there is no doubt this has been an incomparable success. Both sales and consumer feedback on the new blend have already been very impressive. “Undoubtedly without their amazing work, we wouldn’t have what we believe is by far, the most interactive, engaging and exciting campaign in tea, and for the Twinings brand” Gavin Vandeligt, Marketing Director of Twinings Australia said. This innovative campaign garnered over 1,200 pieces of editorial and social media coverage, a market share increase of Twinings Tea by 27% and consumer reach of 118 million. Overall, AC’s innate understanding of consumers and its in-depth media knowledge is integral to ensuring sustainable success for its clients. AC’s philosophy is to continually evolve especially in a time where digital fragmentation and consumer fatigue are daily challenges for industries around the globe. Ultimately, the team at AC are honoured to accept the award for Best PR Agency at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards in 2017, and Ro was eager to comment on the firm’s success and how the firm remains committed to excellence. “We are beyond delighted to accept this award – what a truly amazing honour. We really believe in our work and this recognition puts all of our hard- earned efforts into perspective. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the unrelenting support and loyalty that’s been offered to us by our clients who continue to put their trust in us to make the impossible possible. We love making you proud.” Company: AC Agency Contact: Kate Jones Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Level 1, 490 Crown Street, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010, Australia Phone: 0061 401 016 661 Website: acagency.com.au

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