APAC 2017 Australian Enterprise Awards

, AE170072 Homeopathy Specialists of the Year 2017 & Electro Muscular Stimulation Services - New South Wales Withmore than 15 years of experience, BslimSydney is a professional practice supported by qualified and experienced practitioners in a variety of modalities from classical homeopathy to natural cosmetic treatments. We spoke to Osvaldo Cooley to find out more. Bslim is an institution dedicated to give an integral health service accessible to all, seeking to bring back a balance between mind, body and soul and using just natural treatments and methods that warranty effective and safe results. Professionalism, honesty and quality health care are the firm’s core strengths, as Osvaldo empathises. “At Bslim Sydney, our aim is to make people feel and look the best they can, without the need for harmful, risky and expensive procedures. We use the latest technology to help our patients to combat ailments, fight ageing and lose weight naturally. We take a natural approach to healing, our treatments are contraindication- free, allergen-free and do not provoke side effects. Their gentle yet efficacious impact is ideal for anyone concerned about their overall well-being and especially for sensitive individuals. Our treatments include homeopathic treatments for all the family and natural cosmetic, fat reduction and anticellulite treatments.” Focusing on fat reduction and anti-cellulite treatments with a very high rate of success in both areas, the firm works to differentiate itself from its competition. What truly sets the firm apart, according to Osvaldo, is its dedication to its clients and focus on providing them with the very highest standards of support. “Unlike other clinics, Bslim Sydney provides both classic homeopathic treatments and cosmetic treatments. This ‘big picture’ approach arises directly from our philosophy. Whereas conventional medicine tends to adopt ‘band-aid’ solutions, attempting to solve specific problems through the administration of pharmaceuticals, we consider every aspect of our patient’s health. Our focus is on helping to restore your general wellness on both the inside and outside, and keeping it that way.” Looking ahead, Bslim Sydney is keen to build upon its current success and grow even further to support a wider range of clients, as Osvaldo concludes. “Ultimately, our vision is to become a leading institution in the management of mind- body natural medicine, with a high technical and professional level that take us to deliver an effective and safe service, but more than anything with a high level of humanism, vocation and quality that meets the needs of all our patients.” Company: Bslim sydney Contact: Osvaldo Cooley Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Level 5 203-233 New South Head Rd, Edgecliff, Sydney

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