APAC 2017 Australian Enterprise Awards

38 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2017 , AE170043 Best Air Conditioning Specialists - Perth Ford &Doonan Air Conditioning Joondalup is an innovative air conditioning specialist dedicated to offering superior client support and service. We spoke to David Aspill, Branch Manager to find out more. Ford & Doonan began in 1985 when the founders discovered a gap in the market for a company to create more advanced air conditioning designs and offering premium customer service. Since inception the firm has grown considerably, and as such Ford & Doonan currently have 10 stores across Western Australia, and cater for all residential as well as commercial air conditioning needs, including installation and servicing. Client service remains the firm’s core focus, as David is eager to emphasise. “Here at Ford & Doonan, our vision is to always go the extra mile for our customers. Our passion for our brand and services is what drives us to give our all to our customers. It has enabled the brand to grow from just two people, to over 150 today. “From the first point of contact, at reception, we always aim to provide accurate, confident, happy and reliable customer service. Our salesmen go above and beyond to assist their potential and re-occurring clients with the best possible service and air con designs. The Installation and Service department are always there to assist, whether it be giving advice over the phone, or arranging a technician to attend, there is never a problem we cannot solve.” “It is this attention to detail, customer service and the pride the firm take in all its installations and services that sets Ford & Doonan apart from its competitors, as well as its dedication to ongoing development, as David explains. “At Ford & Doonan we are always striving to be better than we were yesterday. Regular training is always provided and encouraged, so we can always offer the most accurate and efficient designs as well as reliable and helpful customer service. The pride we take in our work is like no other. Using high quality materials that are tried and tested, and once again providing staff with endless training opportunities, our work is highly recommended.” There are always new trends and challenges that companies need to adapt to. With a tougher current West Australian market it is hard to foresee the trends. However, the main focus for Ford & Doonan Joondalup and the Group has been to identify trends a soon as possible. That is one of the reasons the Group has been so successful, by setting up key strategies as a result of new developments. As such, the future for the firm will revolve around remaining at the forefront of the latest industry trends, as David concludes. “With the air conditioning industry constantly developing new and improved systems and controls it is tricky to state how exactly we will adapt to these. Like everything Ford & Doonan Joondalup comes across, we will tackle head on and embrace change; no matter how challenging it might be, as we have over the past 30 years. Throughout the many years we have been open, we have seen time and time again many changes come into play, and just like those, we will conquer and adapt as necessary. “As such, the future of Ford & Doonan Joondalup is something that is ever-changing. There are always new possibilities and opportunities around every corner, and we aim to give them our all as best we can. From working with new materials, to evolving our systems and processes to suit the new generations, to forming new relationships and growing our knowledge, Ford & Doonan will see it all through and we encourage the new and challenging times ahead.” Company: Ford & Doonan Air Conditioning Joondalup Contact: David Aspill Contact Email: joondalup@ fordanddoonan.com.au Address: 2/80 Winton Road, JOONDALUP, WA, 6027, Australia Phone: 0061 8 9301 4288

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