APAC 2017 Australian Enterprise Awards

36 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2017 , AE170040 Best Heat Reflective Roof Coating Supplier - Queensland Coolshield International Pty Ltd offers a range of innovative roof coatings which reduce temperature without the need for electric coolers, supporting both the environment and the comfort of clients. Les Crampton talks us through the firmand explores how it has come to achieve the phenomenal success it enjoys today. Established in 2005, Coolshield started life with just one product, Solacoat, a coating for roofs and walls. Today, the firm has since flourished and now has 14 leading heat reflective products, which cover every area of a building and including pavement coatings. Les discusses how the firm utilizes these unique products to support clients and the environment. “Here at Coolshield, we consider ourselves as the leading supplier of such technology, as we have a proven record of performance, and delivery. We warrant the performance of our coatings for a minimum of 10 years, and have never had any warranty claim since being in operation. “This is testimony to the level of excellence we achieve, and has led us to work with a wide variety of clients, all of whom are seeking to reduce the heat abatement within their work environment, and/or home, together with assisting to reduce their carbon footprint, by lowering their energy requirements to keep cool during those hot summer months. Our products have been used in countries around the world, and can be applied to rail infrastructure, water tank, above ground water pipes, and oil and gas storage as well as roofs and walls.” Drawing on over 10 years’ experience in the industry, Les and his team have a strong knowledge of the market which he is eager to share with us. “Within the roof coatings market currently we are seeing a major shift to such technology, because this technology has International Standards applied to them, and more and more builders are specifying such for retro-fit and for new building design and construction. This is being seen here and a number of other countries, especially India, China, and the Middle East. “To adapt around these developments, we are always looking at any new technology that can enhance our existing technology, and when we have found such, we have pre-tested and then incorporated into our coatings.” Looking ahead, Les firmly believes that the firm will continue to grow and build upon its current success thanks to the hard work it has put into developing a strong range of products which meet the individual needs of its clients. “Overall, our future success will be based on the many years of hard work we have already put into our products, allowing us to grow with major distributors who are coming on board, and experiencing strong market results.” Company: Coolshield International Pty Ltd Contact: Les Crampton Contact Email: [email protected] Address: PO Box 882, Ocean Grove, VIC, 3226, Australia Phone: 0061 3 5255 2063 Website: www.solacoat.com.au

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