APAC 2017 Australian Enterprise Awards

34 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2017 , AE170013 Best Concrete Repairs & Rehabilitation Company - Queensland Building Solutions Brisbane Pty Ltd (BSB) is a dynamic company that specialises in specialist contracting works. We caught up with AaronWhite to find out more. Drawing on over 10 years’ experience, BSB is a dynamic company that specialises in bespoke contracting works. Aaron outlines the approach the firm has cultivated over the years to ensure its ongoing success. “Here at BSB, our mantra is ‘Do it right the first time’. This may sound like a small thing but in this industry it is a critical component to developing a positive reputation and brand recognition. We have a high standard of work and provide the necessary supervision throughout the life of the job to ensure correct execution of the scope and quality control which differentiates us from our competitors. “The synergies these create provide opportunities for us and often highlight BSB as the preferred contractor for the job. Having skills in building and concreting services often create an overlap on jobs and also help to divert work to either avenue. Our attention to detail raises the bar for quality, improves client satisfaction in conjunction with minimising ‘lost-time’ to rework and rectifying defects. We also have a lot of experience in our estimating team and this translates to accurate and competitive quotes directly affecting top line results.” In order to offer the very highest standards of service at all times, BSB utilises mobile technology for almost everything – quote preparation and submission, photo reports, logging defects even employee timesheet submission. Aaron discusses how this technology focused strategy helps his company to ensure it provides its clients with the services they need. “At BSB, we are constantly looking for efficiencies that can be gained from new equipment or technologies. Something as simple as a battery-operated caulking gun for the thousands of metres of crack repair we do, the application of a chemical to highlight the quality of concrete, a scanner to determine depth of reinforcing and underground services - these are just some of our latest applications of technology to name a few. These all work in our favour to shorten the time to complete a job and improve our accuracy and competitiveness allowing us to pass on a cost-saving to our clients.” Moving forward, technology will continue to play a strong part in the firm’s ongoing development and success, as Aaron concludes. “Looking ahead, the future is going to bring even more technological efficiencies which we are anticipating will help us achieve our 60% growth target by June 2020. The skills and expertise of our staff will continue to be a large focus of our effectiveness and we foresee further diversification into several specialist niche industries. The future may be uncertain but the steps required to achieve our goals are most certainly known. Hard work, dedication and relentless commitment will set us in good stead for future triumph. Overall, exciting times lay ahead for BSB and we are looking forward to taking advantage of the opportunities these bring for us.” Contact: Aaron White Contact Email: [email protected] Address: PO BOX 3192, Yeronga, QLD, 4104, Australia Phone: +61 405 640 538 Web Address: www.bsolutions.com.au

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