APAC 2017 Australian Enterprise Awards

annually (Vs global emission of 9.50 billion tonnes, US EPA 2011). Resulting cleaner ‘water’ suitable for irrigation, would also meet around one-third of global water demand for agriculture (UN Water 2014). Electricity generation potential (UNEP 1998) estimate this renewable ‘waste’ to yield around 134 billion kilowatts of useful power (Vs a global demand of 23,322 billion kilowatts, IEA 2013), enough to power more than 10 million homes. Indicating the amount of useful energy that can be reclaimed from ‘WasteWater’, though just 0.6% of global demand, is near equivalent to solar(REN21 2014) but unlike solar is available every day of the year. Interestingly, this equates to some 13% of total electricity- demand provided by oil or 1.4% by coal (IEA 2013). Yet unlike non-renewables, ‘wastewater’ is found where communities reside, which means it could efficiently power the transport industry (including electric vehicles) in lieu of existing coal-fired or oil- combustion sources, to further encourage the move from fossil fuels. Formfile is a re- cord manage- ment firm offer- ing a broad range of solutions to suit its varied clients. We profile the firm to find out more and explore the se- crets behind its success. Since commencing operations in 1988, Formfile has firmly estab- lished itself as Australia’s leading provider of Records Management Solutions. The firm is commit- ted to offering public and private sector clients, large and small, access to a complete and unique suite of services specially devel- oped to measurably improve effi- ciencies at each and every stage of the ‘Document Life-Cycle’. Drawing on its long experience in dealing with a diverse range of industries, Formfile recognise that everyone’s Records Manage- ment needs and challenges are different – and that while some organisations are looking for cost effective answers for just part of the document life-cycle, others are seeking integrated ‘enterprise level’ ways to save time, space and money across the board. When a new client starts working with Formfile, the process starts with the firm’s dedicated Docu- ment Management Consultants thoroughly appraising the clients’ current systems and filing pro- cedures and providing specialist advice on the mix of modern-day products and services needed to best help them achieve their spe- cific business goals. This support extends to ensur- ing that the implementation of your paper-based and/or digi- tal solution is both painless and seamless, whether it is physically located within the clients’ premis- es, computer linked to Formfile’s secure Records Storage Facili- ty or delivering online access to their archived documents via the cloud. Last year Formfile was acquired by the New Zealand based G3 Group. The G3 Group, with its three principal business divisions offers Formfile far reaching syner- gies and increased growth poten- tial with access to new technology workflows and a high level of cor- porate knowledge in document management, telecommunication and mail operations. Looking ahead, the two firms will be seek- ing to grow even further and draw on their combined experience to support an even wider range of clients. Company: Formfile Records Management Group Contact: Jane Storey/ Tom Noble Contact Email: [email protected] Address: PO Box 716 Bentleigh East VIC 3165 Telephone: 1800FORMFILE Best Record Management Company - Victoria N Baleen is simple to use and fully monitored for reliable remote operation. Modular-containerised plant, with single treatment capacities up to 10 million gallons per day (40MLD), are readily deployable for scaled implementation irrespective of location. With collaboration and timely resourcing, ‘Community by Community’ “WE” can counter destructive Climate Change simply by returning natural order to Earth’s ecosystems, by drawing on innovative technology such as Baleen to not only help bring an end to marine pollution but convert today’s archaic and expensive wastewater outfalls into tomorrow’s profitable sewer mines. Company: Baleen Filters Pty Limited Contact: Yuri Obst Contact Email: [email protected] Address: PO Box 1189, North Adelaide, SA, 5006, Australia Phone: 0061 8 8354 4511 Web Address www.baleen.com AE170071

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