APAC 2017 Australian Enterprise Awards

, AE170032 Best Music Technology Company 2017 - Brisbane Binary Designs is amusic technology company based in Brisbane, Australia, specialising in the education and home recording fields. With the help of Founders Len and KarenHenderson we explore the secrets behind the firm’s phenomenal success. Binary Music is a Music Technology company based in Brisbane Australian which began as Binary Designs in 1990. This was a time when personal computers were just becoming powerful enough for real time music applications. Co-Founders and Directors, Len and Karen Henderson said their goal was to create a company which embodied their passion for using computer technology in music and combine its co-founder’s skills in music education and computing. Famous for linking music and technology the business pioneered the use of software and complete music systems for the education and home studio markets. Through an ongoing series of workshops, seminars and presentations at conferences around Australia, they evangelised the new and emerging technologies which would power the next generation of music education. In 2008 a new phase began when they opened their retail music store and began trading as Binary Music, expanding their offerings to include a range of quality general music products from leading manufacturers. Their current premises comprising retail shop with teaching studio and performance space is located in the relaxed retail precinct of Cleveland on the outskirts of Brisbane. Their diverse range of clients encompassing all ages and demographics include schools, universities, professionals and home hobbyists. Some of their largest clients have music software licenses numbering in the hundreds across their school networks supported by keyboard labs and digital audio workstations. Binary Music’s high level of service has resulted in retaining many long-term clients in both the education and retail sectors. For all their clients, they offer an advisory service which after discussions leads to a comprehensive assessment of the client’s current and future needs with music technology. Depending on client requirements Binary Music can offer tailored solutions in all areas of music software including music theory, aural training, audio and midi recording, notation, production, film scoring, scanning and multimedia. The complete solution is achieved by combining the software with compatible hardware including music keyboards, interfaces, speakers, headphones, mixers and musical instruments. Founders Karen and Len Henderson commented on the award and how it impacts on their business. “We are thrilled and proud to receive the award of Best Music Technology Company 2017. We believe a contributing factor to our success has been forging long term relationships with our clients and developing the Binary Music brand as a trusted name and source of music technology.” The firm’s mission statement is ‘To be the best at helping our clients make the most of their musical investment and to realise the full potential of the benefits of technology in music education.’ This is achieved by engaging with clients via multiple channels including email, newsletter, social media, special events and training. Binary Music prides itself on taking the time to listen to clients to identify what outcomes they require before recommending a proven solution to their needs. Clients trust the friendly team at Binary Music over competitors because of their willingness to share their wealth of knowledge and experience. Through their many years as presenters of music technology training at conferences around Australia they have earned the respect of the industry, attaining preferred supplier status with many music educators and education departments. In a field that is continually changing, Binary Music has had to keep pace with the changing face of music technology, from the early days of delivering software on floppy disk, then CD’s, DVD’s and now download and cloud- based software apps. New subscription-based services are now replacing traditional licencing paradigms and Binary Music is well placed to fulfil customer requirements in this changing landscape. As an integral part of professional development, staff are required to work through interactive online product training videos when new products are released, and to attend product releases and expos. Binary Music staff also use much of the technology that they sell for the running of the Binary Music Clubs, Presentations, Concerts, Music Festivals and in their Teaching Studio including distribution of rehearsal scores and training resources online through their websites. Overall, Binary Music has been an active trader and presenter of music technology at the biennial Maryborough Music Conference since its inception and will be participating again in July 2017 with a music technology trade stand demonstrating some of the industry’s latest innovations. Concluding, Karen outlines the firm’s future focuses as it seeks to build upon its current success. “As an ongoing entity Binary Music is determined to maintain its unique outlook and character, providing its clients with a memorable and rewarding purchase experience.” Company: Binary Music Contact: Karen Henderson Contact Email: Karen@ binarydesigns.com.au Address: Shop 12 Cleveland Plaza, 48 Bloomfield Street, Cleveland Qld, 4163, Australia Phone: 0061 7 3488 2230 Website: www.binarymusic.com.au

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