APAC 2017 Australian Enterprise Awards

20 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2017 , AE170048 Best for Personalised and Flexible Learning Programs 2017 WEAHunter is leading the way in delivering courses tomeet the needs of learners, both on campus and in their own space. We profile the firm to learnmore about the innovative education solutions it provides. Since 1913, WEA Hunter has delivered a diverse range of learning opportunities for all sections of our community. Courses were first offered in the Hunter in 1913 in Newcastle, Waratah and Cessnock. The Northern Branch of the WEA of NSW formed in Newcastle in March 1917. As such, WEA Hunter has a long and proud history as the leading provider of community based adult learning in the Hunter Region. WEA Hunter (Worker’s Educational Association – Hunter) is a public company limited by guarantee. It is an independent non-profit community based organisation whose sole aim is to promote and provide educational opportunities for adults. Currently WEA Hunter is the 5th largest provider of community based adult learning in NSW and when Government Contract Training, Business and Industry Training and Youth Programs are added this not only makes the organisation one of the largest but also one of the most diverse training providers in NSW. WEA Hunter now offers a range of educational opportunities for a multitude of learners. Learning opportunities range from: a senior secondary school (Alesco Senior College) specialising in supporting young people to achieve their Higher School Certificate (HSC) to other nationally accredited courses such as the Diploma in Musical Theatre and also non-accredited lifestyle courses aimed at broadening skills and supporting interests. While most of the firm’s income is generated from the general community, it also successfully tenders for government funded and private sector business funded courses and programs. A course guide is produced and distributed, detailing all programs available as fee-for-service. WEA Hunter is committed to ensuring training is available to all sectors of the community, including business operators and corporate clients. Between 250 and 350 courses each year are offered to ensure choice and variety for clients. Through this vast array of courses WEA Hunter makes a substantial contribution not just to the local economy but more importantly to the wellbeing of individuals within the community. Be it through skill enhancement, personal development or increased self-esteem, WEA Hunter’s objective of being a conduit through which individuals become better people is being realised every day. The firm hope that by contributing to the development of individuals, WEA in turns allows those individuals to contribute fully to their community and society in general. Within the wider vocational sector in Australia, there is currently a great deal of uncertainty as the state and Federal governments are unable to find a way to suitably fund education to achieve their outcomes and the attention on the value of core opportunity to participate in lifelong learning is becoming harder to find. Despite this, WEA Hunter remain committed to supporting clients, and as such are not letting reducing its Liberal arts (known as Lifestyle courses) and its commitment to 100 yrs. + of general education. All education is valuable and as such, WEA Hunter seek to continue to diversify its offerings so that it can remain flexible and responsive to both the government and its own community’s needs. Company: WEA Hunter Contact: Rowan Cox Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 150 King Street, NSW, 2300, Australia Phone: 0061 2 4925 4200 Website: www.weahunter.edu.au

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