APAC 2017 Australian Enterprise Awards

, AE170047 Best for Multi-Industry NDT & Inspections - Australia Ultratest is a thriving business, providing a wide range inspection and testing services in the rail, construction, plant equipment and steel fabrication industries. We caught up with Grant Kelly to find out more. Established in 1984, Ultratest are now the dominant service provider of inspection and testing services. With offices in Melbourne and Perth, the firm proudly provide its services throughout all other locations in Australia. Grant explores the range of services the company provides and how it works to give its clients excellence at all times. “Here at Ultratest, we are well known for the superior quality of our service which has helped us create a strong reputation throughout the industry. This has been achieved with our motivated and well focused team delivering exceptional value to our customer base. Our team of highly skilled experts are able to provide a range of services so that most of our customer’s needs can be completed by the one technician. Our products and services are always of the highest quality, value for money and whether sourced from within the company or externally will always add the most value and use the latest and most effective testing methodologies available. “What truly sets us apart from our competitors is that Ultratest clients, whether they are small, medium or large in size will have a desire to have us help them in achieving their goals and be able to take on our commitment to them by returning their commitment to Ultratest. They will be forward thinking, willing to learn and grow, and willing to work as a team player in the development of an organization of ‘people’.” To ensure the continued success of the firm and that its staff always offer the very highest standards of support and service, the firm operates a collaborative and supportive internal culture, as Grant emphasises in his concluding comments. “Our culture statement reflects the values, skills and behaviours that we have recognised as being important. The list contains values that we want our company to represent based on each of us contributing to its reputation. It also has behaviours and skills that make working here a positive experience knowing that each of us contributes to making this a reality. We know that as our customers recognise this behaviour in us, it will contribute to their experience of our company that will win their loyalty and respect. “Honesty and integrity. family first, creativity, customer service, positive attitude and excellence, quality, knowledge and skills, courtesy and consistency are all important within the culture of Ultratest, and this will continue moving forward as we look towards a bright and prosperous future.” Company: Ultratest Pty Ltd Contact: Grant Kelly Contact Email: info@ultratest. com.au Address: Unit 2, 76 Playne Street, Frankston, VIC, 3199, Australia Phone: +61 3 9781 4799 Website: www.ultratest.com.au

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