APAC 2017 Australian Enterprise Awards

, Founded in 2008 by International expert in leadership, Dr Louise Metcalf, Futureproofology tackles the problem of how to lead in the rapidly changing environments that businesses currently face. Futureproofology uses unique strategic HR solutions to develop real, tangible knowledge and skills that drive client organisations forward, to create wisdom and resiliency, despite the inability to accurately predict the future. Through this approach the firm develop leadership and organisation assessment and development instruments that drive resilience through leadership for their clients. As with many industries, in leadership development consulting staff are central to achieving success Futureproofology’s staff are highly skilled and experienced psychologists and coaches with a strong business focus, many spend a significant amount of their time contributing to original research. Dr Louise Metcalf also writes the science that Futureproofology practices and publishes in the best scientific journals for open critique. In order to share this vast industry expertise, the organisation also teaches at major universities in Australia and internationally. AE170047 Best Leadership Development Consultancy - Sydney Futureproofology is a leadership development research and consultancy organisation based in Sydney. We profile the firm to find out more about the range of services it provides. Contact: Dr Louise Metcalf Contact Email: louise.metcalf@ futureproofology.biz Address: Level 20, Tower A 821 Pacific Highway Chatswood, Sydney, NSW, 2067, Australia Phone: 0061 2 8448 2064

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