APAC 2017 Australian Enterprise Awards

, AE170001 Best Advertising & Graphic Design Agency - Townsville Based in Townsville, theMarketing Factory is an award-winning advertising, marketing and design agency that is focussed on delivering results. We caught up with Director and Founder Marissa Candy to find out more about the firmand the range of services it offers. Established in in 2007, the Marketing Factory was created in response to the need for a high- quality marketing service in North Queensland. Since inception, clients have demanded more than just advertising, and as such the firm have tailored its offering of the business to suit the needs of these new clients. Marissa outlines how the firm works to ensure that it offers clients the solutions they need to succeed. “Based in the dynamic regional hub of Townsville in North Queensland, we can service clients from the very small to the very big anywhere in Australia or the world. More than just a creator of advertisements; at the Marketing Factor we take a holistic approach to our clients’ entire communications strategies. By blending the clients’ message with our own special brand of quirkiness and our market knowledge, we help businesses get results from their marketing dollars. “Currently, we service businesses from a variety of industries and enjoy the journey we get to experience with each client. We pride ourselves as being the experts in branding and launching new businesses, helping businesses grow their market and creating unique points of difference. We offer a full suite of advertising and marketing services, with designers, video producers, photographers, strategic thinkers and brand managers within our team.” By attending national marketing conferences and staying abreast of industry best practice, The Marketing Factory is able to deliver marketing excellence to all of its clients. This universal approach to marketing including strategy and delivery is often reserved for metropolitan areas, and it is this that sets it apart from its competitors, as Marissa emphasises. “What truly differentiates the Marketing Factory is the fact that there is no other agency in our region that offers the suite of services we do. We have all the cogs to make the Marketing Factory the first choice for clients seeking strategic, engaging, results-driven marketing and advertising services. “Additionally, we know that it is our personality, and the flavour we bring to our work, that makes us attractive to our clients. We have always supported the saying: ‘Don’t try to be everything to everyone; but to those who you are something, be everything.’” Drawing on the expertise and knowledge of its talented team of creative minds, the Marketing Factory currently service businesses from a variety of industries and enjoy the journey its experiences working with such a diverse range of clients, who range from local start- ups to ASX-listed companies. Supporting such a diverse range of clients requires an equally innovative and creative team, and as such Marissa explains how her firm works to attract and support such a workforce. “Driving our success is our team, and as such the Marketing Factory creates a unique work space, ensuring we attract and retain only the best talent to assist in delivering great results for our clients. With our agency positioned as a market leader, we attract quality talent. We also believe that our insistence on only hiring staff who ‘speak our language’ and get excited by the quirkiness of our team and our office also helps in attracting the best talent. When in a supportive, stimulating environment, the best can only get better.” Looking ahead, Marissa is excited for the future as she outlines the growth plans the firm has in order to go even further and achieve even more over the months and years to come. “Ultimately, the future is always about growth for the Marketing Factory. We want to continue delivering results-driven strategy for our clients, and stay on top of marketing trends. Technology moves quickly, and as such we have a great focus on professional development to ensure that we are always at the cutting edge of new developments.” Company: The Marketing Factory Contact: Marissa Candy Contact Email: marissa@ themarketingfactory.com.au Address: 4/520 Flinders Street, Townsville, QLD, 4810, Australia Phone: 0061 7 4721 4640 Website: www.themarketingfactory.com.au

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