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Jan23190 Atelier Sisu looks to push the boundaries of the intersection between art and architecture. For their work in the sphere and on the back of the studio’s success in the Australian Enterprise Awards we spoke with creators and artists Zara Pasfield and Renzo B. Larriviere to find out how they endeavour to innovate. Many would argue that the line between architecture and art is growing smaller by the day, if indeed there is a difference. After all, architecture is art made manifest and living, something we physically explore and observe, work in, and live in. Zara and Renzo understand this more than most, and have cultivated an exceptional reputation for designs that seek to balance and navigate the equilibrium between architecture, design, and artistic expression. Based out of Sydney, Atelier Sisu has become an acclaimed presence in the APAC region and beyond. Spearheaded by the combined efforts of Peruvian sculptor and industrial designer Renzo, and architectural designer and artist Zara, Atelier Sisu harnesses a multi-disciplinary team to create – in their own words – “experiential environments, installations and unique sculptural architectural pieces.” Renzo continues, “We call it Artchitecture, and focus in on the realm of public art. We believe, all of us, in the democratisation of art. That is to say, bringing art from restrictive galleries and into the public eye, into the public realm; bridging the gap between cultural institutions and the urban fabric.” “Atelier Sisu believes that art should be accessible to all, and should exist to service the cultural needs of a community. Our work focuses on subject matter that is universally accessible, across cultures, age groups, languages and socio-economic backgrounds. Public art should not require an explanation, but should allow audiences to interpret their temporary environments in an instinctive and inclusive way,” Zara adds in agreement. This is an interesting perspective – after all, architecture is, by its nature, public. It is art fully on display and visible to all those who walk past its façade. It can never be closed away, or hidden from the masses, or behind glass walls. Architecture is art made massive and looming, endeavouring to revel in the balance and space between form and function. Atelier Sisu thrives in this space, and nurtured an award-winning reputation through its work as a result. “Atelier Sisu has gained global attention for our iconic Bubbletecture artworks entitled Ephemeral and Evanescent. This collection consists of larger than life bubble structures that allow the audience to explore the pavilion-esque forms from around and underneath each piece. Constructed from dichroic film, light is refracted, splitting the light wave lengths. These unique properties allow the audience to experience the work in different ways each time they encounter the artwork. The series has collected numerous industry accolades since its debut in 2021,” Renzo explains. It would not be hard to imagine a city as an evergrowing landscape of artistic expression. With each building adding to the greater canvas, experimenting with styles and colours. This is a view also held by Atelier Sisu, as Zara moves on to discuss in more detail. “Cities are spaces of growth, development and connection. In order for a city to be successful, it needs to breathe and grow. They are individual beings, defined by the people and its history. The temporary activations, such as the pieces that Atelier Sisu create, reflect the cultural and social values of a place at any given moment, further contributing to the sense of place and belonging of a city. “Of course, the specific medium of public art does provide its own set of unique challenges and parameters by which traditional art mediums are not necessarily bound. A city encompasses a feeling “Audiences need to be able to engage with the art or architecture irrespective of culture, language, age group or socioeconomic background.” Most Experiential Art Installation Company 2023 “Exploring the intersection between Art and Architecture.” Premium Package Your company logo on the Front Cover 2 page article Social Media Spotlight Bespoke trophy Personalised digital logo Personalised digital certificate 3,450 AUD Only 10 Available of public ownership from its community. This is an important point that needs to be carefully considered when artistic intrusions and urban interventions take place. As such, temporary public artworks require the inherent adaptability in order to form a relationship with the spaces in which they are situated. This allows them to act as an integral catalyst for engagement in the arts within a community.” Art is essential for any culture and its people. It is the expression of basic freedom, creativity manifest and incarnate. Cities are the cultivation and collaboration of hundreds, thousands, millions of people contributing towards a greater goal, over time. As creators, Zara and Renzo encapsulate the essence of a space through their pieces, invigorating the environment through experiences that capture imagination and possibility. There are few studios – in any location around the world – that are exploring the nature of art and architecture on the scale of Atelier Sisu, or with its drive and ethos. For that, the studio was recognised for its outstanding contributions in the artistic sphere. Atelier Sisu has a history of award-winning success and innovation. 2020 - INDEF Design Awards- WINNER 2020 - LOOP Design Awards - Honourable Mention 2021- DEZEEN Design Awards - Long List 2021 - GRAY Design Awards- Short List 2022 - Architecture and Design Community Awards- SECOND PLACE 2023- Australian Enterprise Awards - WINNER Company: Atelier Sisu Name: Zara Pasfield and Renzo B. Larriviere Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Alexandria, NSW