Australian CEO Excellence Award Packages 2024

redhotblue is a creative marketing agency located on the Whitsunday coast in regional Queensland, Mackay. Its team of 10 specialists deliver bespoke work throughout the region and across the nation, and have been recognised for their work with a number of prestigious awards across the business landscape and creative industry – including within APAC Insider’s Australian Enterprise Awards 2023. We got in touch with Founding Executive Director, Jody Lee Euler to learn more about this outstanding firm. Last year was a big one for redhotblue, for it reached the incredible milestone of 25 years in business, during which time it has evolved to meet the needs of the market, changes in technology, and delivery methods. It is recognised as an organisation that, despite its regional location, delivers work that sits head and shoulders with its city counterparts. This has been a key factor in the company’s success and the calibre of clients it has attracted over the past two decades. As a multi-facet agency, redhotblue provides clients a streamlined and consistent approach to all marketing needs. This includes marketing and communication strategies combined with execution of all creative, with the ability to take the seed of an idea or spot an opportunity not often considered and turn it into a success story. All work is produced by an exceptional team of professionals at the pinnacle of their careers and ranges from brand development and corporate materials, video production, social media management, digital communication, websites, advertising, and event concept and management. The agency serves a variety of clients, from start-up entrepreneurs through to national organisations with global presence, including fashion designers, engineers, government representatives, the mining sector, developers, estate agents, hospitality, scientists, and the beauty industry. The redhotblue team commences a client project with quality consultation, working closely with them to establish strong working relationships and gain a deep understanding of their business values and goals to ensure all strategies are achievable. Jody Lee Fuler says, “At redhotblue, creativity with purpose comes as standard. If you’re looking for an agency that can truly develop and execute a unique marketing message for any business, then there’s no team better equipped. However, it’s their ability to uncover and dissect the many layers of their clients’ businesses that sets them apart from those who take a cliché and obvious approach.” Her team live and breathe the ethos of ‘Intelligent Creativity’ – the perfect mix of their years of direct experience in the industry, proven success stories, invaluable knowledge, and a natural level of strategic thinking. Combine this with a desire to succeed from extraordinary designers who have mastered their craft and the ability to bring anything to life, and you start to understand what ‘Intelligent Creativity’ truly means. This goes hand in hand with the agency’s internal culture, one which Jody has been praised for on a regular basis throughout 25 years of operation. She tells us, “‘Create without Limitations’ has been the mantra of the business from humble beginnings in my parents’ rumpus room. This reminder is ever present in the form of a floor to ceiling graphic in the company boardroom for all to view.” She continues, “We are known as a dynamic, larger than life, colourful, and enthusiastic company who love nothing more than to turn visions into reality. This is not just in the sense of the work we produce for our clients but is also a large part of how I support each team member in their own dreams and desires.” An open plan studio allows for free-flowing conversation and rather than be locked away in her own office as many directors and managers are, Jody is immersed within the team. She makes it a point to truly get to know her team and what is important to them both in a professional and personal landscape. She is sure to provide flexibility to parents to allow them to feel they can succeed in their desired profession while balancing the needs of their families. And team members that wish to go on working holidays to other countries have remained a part of the business through the ability to Creative Agency of the Year 2023 - Central Queensland Deluxe Package 2,475 AUD 2 page article Bespoke trophy Personalised digital logo Personalised digital certificate Zoom daily. Random acts of kindness are not uncommon, either, not just from Jody herself, but from team member to team member. She comments, “An environment such as this provides a sense of belonging where people flourish and don’t feel replaceable. It is a business people want to be a part of.” When it comes to adding new people to the team, this isn’t something that redhotblue takes lightly, having worked so hard to build a strong reputation not only for the remarkable creative it produces, but as a business as a whole. While quality of work and skillset are needed to fit in with the team, high expectations, personality, and attitude are equally as important, if not more so. Jody states, “The most integral part of our work environment is being a good human, strong work ethic, a desire to succeed, and treat redhotblue and its team as if it were their own.” Thus, this dynamic team have a string of accomplishments as long as they are broad. There is nothing this team of exceptional professionals can’t achieve, and the success they have been recognised for across a diverse range of industry sectors is worldclass. Everything they create is custom-designed with purpose and intent. There are no shortcuts, cookie cutter options, and most certainly no templates. Every project regardless of size and budget is approached with dedication and the same high-level approach only those with experience can achieve. Notably, one of redhotblue’s most significant projects was accomplished during the covid pandemic thanks to the team’s ability to change gear and embrace technology. It was a charity event that is typically held in an offsite location to a physical audience of 1,000, but the redhotblue team adapted this to a broadcast across the nation to five-times that number! Also during the pandemic in particular, the agency noticed how non-experienced people have been feeling they have the capability to run their own social media channels. It seems the reality in most instances is there is a distinct lack of strategy and marketing acumen to approaching social media in this way. While the pandemic did have an impact on the digital landscape and more specifically social media, the agency found that it mainly benefited. Jody says, “The benefits to our industry have been phenomenal and have allowed opportunity that otherwise would have been out of reach in previous decades.” Now, the redhotblue team is focused on the future and is incredibly excited about expansion into new locations across the nation. Jody tells us more about what’s to come: “Sharing the wealth of knowledge and expertise we have fine-tuned during 25 years in business with clients is our focus. Helping businesses reach their full potential through marketing with a purpose and working with a team that has a keen sense of seeing beyond and the rungs on the board.” Company: redhotblue Contact: Jody Lee Euler Email: [email protected] Website: