August 2017

APAC / August 2017 19 Disaster management & system rescue Phase 8 is Australia’s preferred disaster management team; called in during the most pressing incidents to rescue prime infrastructure, util- ities, critical data storage and any other assets affected by electricity. Past success stories, include the below. The Australian Wool Industry Flood Phase 8 came to the rescue for the Australia’s wool sales to the world, saving data and avoiding complete disaster. Tullamore Sewage System Failure (Country NSW) Investigated, diagnosed and redesigned the system to overcome the complete town failure of the electronic automated system. Hunter Valley Wine Region Flood Phase 8 Rescued over 120 wineries valued at over half a billion dol- lars by recovering pumping systems and electronics. Newcastle Floods - NEC Entertainment Centre Project managed and diagnosed electrical system failures to minimise impact on the NEC, residents and businesses in the area. Proserpine - Recovery of the water treatment and sewerage systems after Cyclone Debbie. Fiji - Cyclone Winston. Recover many vital systems and services. Singapore - The largest data centre in Singapore that controls all com- munications in and out of Singapore to the rest on the world. Vanatu - Cyclone Pam. Consulting on electrical services. A Provider of Sound Advice g restoration to any project, John explains “When the difference between distortion and comprehension means saving lives, Phase 8 is called in. Like electricity, audio has a current of its own and understanding this current and how it can be filtered to reveal hidden data is where Phase 8 excels. Another feather in the Phase 8 cap is this unique and specialised field unmatched by other electrical engineering firms. “As technology advances at such a rapid rate and the years of time continue to pass since the first invention of audio recording, the amount of work in this specialised field grows every day. Phase 8 works with public, private, government and military sectors to decode audio data to restore it to its most organic state.” Training services The ethos behind the firm’s training services, is that ‘knowledge is power!’ In this vein, you can give your business a fighting chance by empowering your team to improve and perform, John explains. With Phase 8, you can invest in your firm’s knowledge and practical intelligence, for a more effective workforce. “We improve the level of electrical knowledge and skill within the workforce. Our Transform8 and electrical engineering excellence courses offer companies a fast, effective and affordable way to up skill their workers, managers and executive board on relevant electrical theory and best practices. “Phase 8 is essential for electrical related companies looking to improve the overall electrical knowledge and understanding within their organisation. With our stimulating course content, Phase8 will help raise your team and stakeholders’ capabilities in electrical failures and engineering work. “Course delivery can be via a staged public speaking style of presentation or in a more close- knit, hands-on, team environment. For executive level management, Phase 8 also offers a boardroom style, virtual board member session where c-level members can be efficiently updated on top points of priority and concern.” Professional insurance services Phase 8 also services the insurance industry with complex claims, faults and forensics. The firm is here to assist you in this vein, as John Graham goes on to explain. “Our engineers are committed to maintaining the perfect electrical environment, no matter what the situation is. Our rapid response unit has been created to provide a dedicated electrical engineering team to help with quick disaster recovery. We aim to be on hand assisting recovery within 12 hours, no matter what your location in Australia and 24 hours other parts of the world weather (access) permitting. “Our emergency specialists provide expert technical and failure analysis for damaged electrical equipment, to help pinpoint specific problems. As well as comprehensive electrical repair, we also specialise in data recovery, with the aim to minimise downtime and loss. “We also work closely with insurers assisting with claims, to achieve a positive result. Our team delivers quality advice both highly technical, and easy to understand plain English. Phase 8 also provides claim verification, assisting insurance companies and insurance adjusters, helping to eliminate exaggeration and false claims.” Energy improvement & management Working with global energy providers, Phase 8 is passionate about the evolution of electrical engineering, John enthuses as he provides his concluding remarks. “With sustainable engineering and green products becoming increasingly prevalent around the globe, energy management technology has never been more important. Phase8’s electrical engineering expertise will allow you to develop sustainable advancements, regulate your output and lower your operating expenses. “With sustainable engineering and green products becoming increasingly prevalent around the globe, energy management technology has never been more important. Phase8’s electrical engineering expertise will allow you to develop sustainable advancements, regulate your output and lower your operating expenses. “Assisting in the continuing development of green energy products, Phase8 is helping create the perfect electrical environment for today and tomorrow. Combining our engineering and design with extensive controlled testing, we will work with your team to manufacture efficient products that will help save the maximum amount of energy possible. Phase8 consults continually with industry governing bodies during the product design phase, working to ensure every product comes within the green and electrical standards. “Our sustainable electrical engineering skills have assisted energy companies, manufacturing plants, industrial designers and they can work for you too. We also follow these standards when conducting power audits, the focus, allowing our clients to run as efficiently as possible. “Our energy saving recommendations help lower power output, increase revenue and allow our clients to play their part in the global green energy revolution. In addition, our software development division is currently creating artificial intelligence for automation. This technology will soon transform the way power can be saved within any residential, industrial or corporate property. “Whether it’s assisting in the manufacturing of energy-saving products, working out more efficient operational processes or developing breakthroughs of our own, we’re looking to the future. Take action with energy management and become a better corporate citizen today. Use our booking form and find out more about working green with Phase8.” Company: Phase 8 Name: John Graham Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: PO Box 298 Sydney NSW 2001, Australia Telephone: +61 408 678 388