August 2017

18 APAC / August 2017 , AE170102 A Provider of Sound Advice While Phase8 works with some of the biggest brands in the world, but also with smaller, local companies. This gives the firma competitive pricing across all deliverables, who recently won APAC awards - Best Multi-Discipline Electrical Engineering Service 2017 & Excellence for Advanced Audio Restoration Services. We interviewed CEO at Phase8, John Graham to learn more about the remarkable array of services the firmprovides. The quality of Phase8’s work, marks them out as a cost-effective solution and as such, their attention to detail means less maintenance and a service you can rely on. Phase8 is the place to go for all your electrical engineering needs. They understand that not every client knows how to communicate and as such, Phase8 invites you to discuss in a non-technical conversation what you are trying to achieve. From here, their seasoned experts will tailor a perfect solution for you. Electrical research & development CEO at Phase8, John Graham focuses our attention to analysing existing technologies, mapping technological advancements and identifying commercial opportunities, as the interview kicks off. “At Phase 8, we believe that nothing is set in stone and everything can be improved. Behind every good idea is a thought process and several occurrences that spark the initial realisation that there could be an opportunity. At Phase 8, our entire philosophy for work is wrapped around the concept that everything can be improved and we have designed a method that emulates the natural process for coming up with revolutionary ideas. “As well as ongoing research and development into artificial intelligence for the Australian Government, Phase 8 has published numerous industry leading papers including Power Supply and the Effects on Appliances and Predicting the Amount and Type of Damage from a Power Incident. Phase 8 is at the leading edge of innovation in terms of uncovering the next technological advancements in electrical engineering.” Electrical engineering & design Phase 8’s intelligence powers tomorrow’s electrical products. At Phase 8, they use a specialised eight stage process to ensure success for every client. John then elaborates on this aspect of the firm’s work. “Our electrical engineering design team are focused on offering Australian and international industrial manufacturers a competitive advantage both in the engineering of the products they manufacture and in the way they manufacture these products. “Phase 8 provides full product development for any electrical invention, working both up and down stream, either playing a specific role or managing the entire life cycle of product development. Our team improves manufacturing efficiencies to increase profit margin, mitigate risk and reduce down time. “To assist with these progressive electronics engineering advancements and ensure the future success of our clients, we also provide regular maintenance services. Our routine inspections will help maintain quality control on production lines and make sure output continues at the highest level possible. “So, you can take your concepts to the next level and create products you never thought were possible. Our engineers have helped some of the most well-known brands on the planet invent something new or refine what they already had.” Leading faults, forensics & testing unit Phase 8 is by far the most experienced and successful electrical engineering firm in Australia - when it comes to fault finding, forensic investigation and controlled testing - John tells us. “Don’t place your staff, your property or the public at risk; accidents happen and you need to know exactly where, why and how to react – fast. Phase 8’s controlled electrical product testing services provides a comprehensive range of controlled product testing throughout all levels of the development phase. From prototype to system upgrades, we ensure safety and quality ensuring the product meets Australian and international standards. “Our team is equipped to handle major community power outages, servicing the emergency electrical needs of cities, towns and remote rural locations. If there’s a doubt, don’t risk it with anyone else. Phase 8 is Australia’s most trusted and experienced electrical problem solvers; working with all industry sectors for a fast and reliable resolution first time. “Phase 8 offers electrical fault- finding, product testing and electrical scientific analysis to remove any grey area from an incident or crime scene. We uncover clear conclusions to assist insurance claims, and provide cause, management and prevention to help avoid issues in the future. “We also support manufacturers and energy suppliers during the claims process. Phase 8 will stand up and assist in any relevant legal battle, offering expert objective knowledge, research, advice and testimony (where required). We help our clients maintain innocence, protect their position and prove they are in the right.” Advanced audio restoration Working with government, protection and law enforcement agencies as well as the music, film and animation industry, Phase 8 brings a superior level of audio