April 2017

APAC / April 2017 7 NEWS , Under the partner- ship, Mswipe will in- tegrate MYPINPAD’s Software PIN Entry Solution (SPES) into its new mPOS devices to meet the mandate of the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) to increase the de- ployment of secure PIN enabled acceptance devices into the Indi- an market. Mswipe is one of the most suc- cessful and fastest growing com- panies in India’s payment pro- cessing industry, providing card processing and financial services to SMEs throughout more than 500 cities and towns across India. Mswipe’s mPOS devices will use touchscreen technology, secured and hardened by the MYPINPAD SPES, for the capture of card- holder PIN; removing the need for a separate PIN pad device, result- ing in reduced support and man- ufacturing costs and an improved cardholder experience. Manish Patel, Mswipe Technolo- gies, CEO & founder said, “as a payments processor, our priority is to make transacting easier for SMEs in India and MYPINPAD is helping us achieve this. MYPIN- PAD’s SPES solution allows us to produce a new generation of POS terminals that are more secure. This also brings the added ben- efit of reduced production costs, faster time to market and overall, enables us to improve user expe- rience for both our merchants and their consumers.” Philip King, MYPINPAD Asia Ltd, Executive Chairman and CEO said, “we are delighted to announce our partnership with Mswipe. India is a major market with a rapidly evolving payments landscape. To ensure that the evolution and growth of mobile payments is sustainable, securi- ty is paramount. MYPINPAD and Mswipe will provide a solution that addresses the growing demand for secure mobile payment meth- ods in a scalable, cost effective and secure environment. MYPINPAD’s product set is borne out of extensive work across the payments ecosystem to address industry security requirements for mobile payments. Our goal is to solve a broad range of dig- ital commerce issues through the power of strong, secure mul- ti-factor authentication includ- ing, but not limited to, the use of our patented PIN entry solution. Mswipe will build a next-genera- tion card acceptance platform for POS transactions in India that will play a key role in creating a safer payments environment for secure mobile transactions. We are de- lighted to work with Mswipe and look forward to a long and suc- cessful partnership.” For more information about MYP- INPAD please visit mypinpad.com and www.mswipe.com To gain a competi- tive advantage and market share, con- tact center solution vendors should ac- tively roll out and push their cloud contact center services in alliance with global and regional telecom- munication companies. “Avaya, Genesys, Verint Sys- tems, NICE Systems, and Cisco strategically offer omnichannel customer experience (CX) to at- tract business across end-user segments,” said Frost & Sullivan Digital transformation industry analyst, Shuishan Lu. “A richer CX is a significant differentiator. For future revenues, vendors should look toward harnessing the increased integration of Web real-time communications, vid- eo, and artificial intelligence with contact center systems and infra- structure.” Asia-Pacific Contact Center Ap- plications Market is a part of Frost & Sullivan’s Customer Contact Growth Partnership Service pro- gram. The study points out that customer behavior analytics, the optimisation of operating ef- ficiency, and the enhancement of customer retention are three major targets for the Asia-Pacific contact center industry. The re- gion’s contact center applications market size is expected to grow from $655.4 million in 2015 to reach $790.9 million by 2022, at a compound annual growth rate of 2.7%. The continuous improvement of telecommunication services and Internet Protocol (IP) infrastruc- ture in Southeast Asian markets bodes well for organisations to establish their contact center in- frastructure and bring greenfield MYPINPAD Asia Partners with Mswipe to Bring Next Generation POS Devices to India The emergence of enhanced customer experience (CX), replacement of legacy systems, upgrade of existing solution portfolios, and increasing focus on the optimisation of contact center operations are factors driving growth in the Asia-Pacific contact center applicationmarket according to research fromFrost & Sullivan. N opportunities to the region. Other regional developments include: • Growing markets such as China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam can capture opportunities in hos- pitality, retail, and outsourcing sectors where many organ- isations are looking to scale up the size of their existing contact center infrastructure. • Legacy systems and contin- uing upgrades will sustain growth in mature markets such as Australia, New Zea- land, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Sin- gapore. The transformation from inbound call center to full-media customer engage- ment center will steadily drive the adoption of workforce management and analytics applications. • In Australia, leading vendors benefit from their established customer base that helps generate a major proportion of revenue through contract renewals and regular up- grades. • In India, a rise in demand from end customers for fast and responsive services has caused an increase in the adoption of cloud-based centers. “Contact center vendors need to find a way to tap greenfield oppor- tunities while still catering to their large installed base of premise products,” observed Lu. “Vendors that look toward investing in cus- tomer-contact optimisation and superior customer experience through major channels of cus- tomer interaction, such as social media, self-service, and mobile applications, are expected to grow.” MYPINPAD Asia, an enabler of secure multi-factor authentication for touchscreen devices such as smartphones and tablets, has announced a new partnership withMswipe, India’s largest independent mobile POS merchant acquirer & network.

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