April 2017

30 APAC / April 2017 , 1702AP05 On A Quest for Success MasteryAsia is a global coaching andmentoring organisation that is fully dedicated in helping its members to achieve financial independence through unique results based coaching and mentoring. We profile the firm to explore the secrets behind its success. Established in 1997, MasteryAsia, also known as The Quest MasteryAsia Group, offers a vast array of coaching and mentoring solutions for its clients. Through its unique customization program, the group are dedicated to help their members to start seeing real results in less than six months after attending the workshop to get continuous support and coaching. Members hail from all around the world, including South East Asia, Hong Kong, China, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa to Europe and North America. QuestCorp Global Inc US is a diversified multinational involved in key growth sectors, namely, education, coaching and mentoring, learning technology and systems and organizational strategic development and consulting. All business divisions under The Quest MasteryAsia Group are listed under QuestCorp Global Inc US. As a recognition for its success in contribution to coaching and mentoring, the Group has been awarded the Singapore Business Awards 2017 for Best Mentoring Organisation 2017. The group has now coached and mentored hundreds of thousands of individuals from all walks of life in the achievement of their financial independence and business success. It has also risen through the ranks of self-development corporations by achieving real- life results with its members. Being dedicated to financial independence and business success through education, coaching and mentoring is more than just their mission statement. It is a reflection of their commitment to assist individuals in the actualization of their dreams. In order to capitalise on its current success, earlier this year the group announced an initial public offering in the US, and is now listing under QuestCorp Global Inc US at the US Nasdaq OTC markets and is going to submit prospectus and estimated to file in by April 2017 for US$1 million. US Nasdaq OTC markets is regulated by United States Securities & Exchanges Commission (SEC), providing a securitization platform for small and medium size companies to fund raise. US OTC markets is viewed as the stepping stone for the Group to uplift to NYSE or NASDAQ. This is a significant milestone for the group as a listing on the US Nasdaq OTC markets is internationally recognized as signifying that a publicly owned corporation has achieved maturity and front-rank status in its industry in terms of assets, earnings, and shareholder interest and acceptance. QuestCorp Global Inc US is expected to be listed before end of 2017. While highly rewarding, an IPO is a rigorous commitment. Apart from underwriter fees, the issuer company will need to ensure that it complies with best corporate governance practices and remains at all times transparent to the public, its existing and potential shareholders. This, apart from the annual audit, implies maintaining an up- to-date website, setting up communication channels including media, establishing an Investor Relations function Good corporate governance allows companies to increase their competitiveness, economic efficiency and growth, to attract the capital required for economic growth and reduce the cost of such capital, improve operational decision-making and the company’s reputation, as well as to promote protection of and cooperation with stakeholders who have a legitimate interest in the company’s performance. Therefore, through the listing of an IPO, QuestCorp Global Inc US have highlighted their commitment to excellence and drive to build upon their current success and go even further throughout 2017 and beyond. Ultimately, QuestCorp Global Inc US is offering its pre IPO to its members and IPO to the public seeking to raise about US$5 million, which it will use

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