April 2017

24 APAC / April 2017 , 1703AP24 Drinking in the Success Re.juve premium juicer, part of the Gunung Sewu Group, is a Jakarta based juice F&B retailer andmanufacturer providing a range of healthy and refreshing drinks. We invited Richard Anthony, Re.juve managing director, to tell us more about the firmand the range of products it offers. Established in 2014 in response to the lack of genuinely healthy food, beverages and juices in Greater Jakarta area at that time, Re.juve offers a range healthier and delicious products, with cold-pressed juices forming the core of its offering. The firm’s first store was launched in Jakarta, Indonesia, May 2014 and has grown immensely since, now encompassing 30 stores. Leading as the premier cold- pressed juices player, Re.juve operates a state-of-the-art central production facility: A real cold-pressed production facility in Tangerang, designed for a hygienic juicing environment. In this facility, raw fruits and vegetables are washed thoroughly with treated and filtered drinkable water to kill harmful bacteria and remove unwanted residue. After complete the cleaning procedure, the raw fruit and vegetables are washed 3 times with drinkable and purified reverse osmosis (RO) water. Moreover, the fruit and vegetables are juiced with the best cold-press juicing equipment in the world to extract all the goodness without heat and keep oxidation at very minimal. To maintain high standard of hygiene, freshness and sanitation, Re.juve maintains chilled production environment which includes 10° to 14°C rooms temperature, digitally- controlled 2° to 5°C filtered drinkable and RO water and minimal hand contact during the whole production process. Keeping the freshness of the products until the hands of customers, Re.juve cold-pressed juices are delivered in a chilled logistic, and kept in chilled storage in all stores. This long- cold-chain-logistic is very costly, but is kept at priority to ensure our promise to the customers that Re.juve juices are “the best cold- pressed juices customers could have.” Richard outlines additional techniques the firm employs to achieve this and meet the ever evolving needs of its consumers. “Here at Re.juve, we ensure that we offer our customers the very highest standard of cold-pressed processing and cold-chain logistic to ensure we are ahead of our competitors. We invest in the best cold-pressed production technology, we invest in cold- chain logistic, working with many external strategic parties such as food consultants, QC agencies, business consultants, external or internal advisors to make sure that we are continuously adapting to the changes in the market, and staying as the truly leader in healthy F&B industry. All that Re.juve does is one long stretch of continuous improvement to make sure Re.juve gives the best possible option for customers. “Moreover, Re.juve does not believe in instant gain and popularity that usually could be achieved through paid advertising or paid endorsement. Massive paid advertising and paid endorsement give a lot of impression, but lack in genuine connection with the audience. Therefore, as a genuine and honest brand, Re.juve always aims to make connection with its customers. Our marketers invest in a lot of honest education, personal approach and personal sampling one customer at a time, one community at a time, one media at a time. Re.juve marketing strategies relies on live activation and live approach surrounding education on health, nutrition and juicing, not massive advertisement and commercial.” Educating customers and the public on the benefit of juicing and the superiority of Re.juve products takes a lot of effort, time and resources. Education is lengthy and requires double or even triple amount of effort and time. However, this education creates belief, belief creates act, act creates habit and habit creates loyal customers. Re.juve stays with its belief as an honest brand that sell its product through honest promises and honest approach. A very good example on honesty and transparency is on ingredients list printed on the small sticker on every Re.juve bottle. Unlike any other brand, Re.juve is committed to list every single ingredient that is used in its drink, no matter how small the usage is. Overall, it is this commitment to true excellence that marks Re.juve out as the best option for its customers, and moving forward the firm is keen to develop this and build even further upon its current success, as Richard concludes. “Ultimately, Re.juve Cold-pressed juices are 100% fresh and purely made from fruit and vegetables. Having the purest juices mean the shelf life is extremely limited. This is limiting Re.juve expansion and logistic for outside Greater Jakarta area. Overcoming the shelf life and chilled logistic of pure juice would be a key for Re.juve expansion and leadership in Indonesia as well as Asia-Pacific, and as such is central to our current focus. “Therefore, Re.juve is now working with its internal and external product and development team on a more advance cold-pressed juicing technology that able to extend the shelf life without jeopardizing the premium quality and taste that Re.juve cold-pressed juices have become renowned for.”

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