April 2017

10 APAC / April 2017 , 1702WF08 Boutique Banking at its Best OscarMendoza, President of Vivier & Co, talks to us about the firmand its unique services, following being awarded the title of Boutique Bank of the Year. Vivier & Co was incorporated in 2001 and is a boutique financial services firm, registered in New Zealand, with a range of offshore banking products. Oscar Mendoza is President of the firm. He tells us in more depth about the company and the services it offers to clients. “Our core focus is to offer rolling notice accounts featuring above average returns and without market risk volatility,” he begins. “We achieve this by making highly selective loans, secured directly or indirectly against real estate. We also offer accounts to those who require an international presence. An overseas current or savings account provides flexibility, discretion and in many cases enhanced security and confidentiality. “The security of customers’ deposits is our number one priority. As a sub-custodian of funds, our group uses the services of some of the world’s largest banks with a Standard & Poor’s top credit rating.” Some years ago, the New Zealand Government withdrew their deposit guarantee scheme for all banks and financial institutions. Other government schemes typically offer low levels of cover. Nevertheless, Vivier & Co has worked hard to find alternative ways of protecting client funds. “We maintain an insurance policy issued by insurers with a Standard and Poor’s A+ credit rating, providing a far higher limit of indemnity.” At Vivier & Co its clients’ investments are its number one priority. Speaking of the services and products the company offers, Oscar embellishes: “We maintain a high degree of management attention to ensure those investments are secure, at the same time offering some of the best performing savings accounts across the globe. In addition, we offer current accounts, card services, a proprietary online banking platform, international money transfers and a variety of other services to deliver a complete financial service package for our clients whether they be individuals or corporate entities.” The firm offers the following services: Savings Accounts - accounts with rolling notice periods: rates are fixed for the period, interest is paid tax free every quarter and no fees or charges apply. We even reimburse the sending bank’s fees. Current Accounts - to individuals and businesses who require an international presence. Owning a current account in another country provides flexibility, discretion and in many cases enhanced security. With a nominal minimum balance and no minimum income or wealth requirement, clients are free to choose where to hold their funds. Combined with a MasterCard debit card and Vivier’s secure 24/7 internet platform, this is a popular account to supplement the high-yield savings account. Forex Trading - an international presence implies needing cash in various currencies. The firm offers advantageous rates, no in-house fees and full control of currency exchange transactions through its secure 24/7 internet platform. Online Platform - recently enhanced and reintroduced as of January 2017. Vivier provides a fully secured online platform, capable of giving full access to manage accounts and investments. Through this platform it is possible to instruct cash transfers, currency exchange or capital allocation to investment accounts. The Online Platform allows access to current and savings accounts 24/7 from anywhere in the world. The firm aims for strong business ethics and strong personal relationships with its clients. Oscar embellishes on the company’s core values and vision. “It is based on long- term partnership, founded on confidence and discretion, with the aim of being a client’s trusted advisor on financial matters. “A profitable and long-lasting relationship requires – with their consent – getting to know and remaining in close contact with our clients. This focus allows us to offer each client a tailored solution to meet their financial goals. “Our profits are used to safeguard our financial independence. To guarantee clients’ satisfaction, we work not only to protect their capital but also to provide them with long-term, positive performance. We do so while maintaining the highest ethical standards and an absolute respect of confidentiality.” In his role as President, Oscar reports to the Board. Prior to his appointment to this position, he worked as the Chief Financial Officer, with the Accounting and Finance department reporting directly to him. “My responsibilities have now expanded significantly,” he states. “The management team that reports into me include Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Legal Officer, Interim CFO, and the Regional Directors. We are expanding across the globe and have recently appointed Regional Directors, Regional Managers and Country GMs.” What important role does your management team play, and the staff underneath them, in the success of your firm?

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