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Acquisition International is an international, monthly digital business magazine committed to bringing its readers up to the minute news, comment, and analysis. As the voice of modern business, Acquisition International is dedicated to delivering vital updates to its corporate readers so that they remain ahead of the curve. Acquisition International launched in 2010, and has, over the years, evolved into a business title that professionals rely on to bring them the business knowledge, insight, and news they need. Each month our magazine is circulated to in-excess of 108,000 professionals, including top tier managers, investment professionals, business advisers and service providers. As well as the monthly magazine, Acquisition International also has a dedicated website and active Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. To share the benefit of our vast network of contacts who recommend businesses, products and solutions, we also have a number of awards programmes running throughout the year, commending the businesses doing truly great things within their respective fields of expertise. About Acquisition International Contents 03. Awards Our awards through 2022 04. Forward Features Articles and news pieces for thousands of readers 05. Advertising and Contributors How we can help improve brand awareness 06. Our Readers The people that shape our content 07. Acquisition International Online Our website and newsletter read by 100,000s 07. Acquisition International on Social Our platforms and followers 08. Testimonials Honest reviews from clients 09. About AI Global Media Our parent company and where we started 09. Contacts An Acquisition International expert waiting to assist you 03. Acquisition International magazine’s annual awards have been highlighting the amazing work done by firms and individuals. With a focus on those committed to a ceaseless dedication to innovation, customer care and the continued growth and improvement of their businesses. Our programmes cover a wide range of sectors, allowing us to showcase the brilliance of an array of companies and the individuals driving them to excellence. Thanks to our industry contacts and our in-house expertise, we can put forward companies achieving truly amazing goals. To make our programmes a true representation of the best companies from around the world, we open our online nomination form up to our readers, so they may nominate either their own company or one they would like to see win. Integrity is at the heart of these programmes, and to make them a real representation of these incredibly diverse markets, we have ensured that there are no barriers to entry by making the process completely free to enter or win. Once they have been notified of their success, winners are offered the choice of taking the complimentary package or purchasing marketing materials to showcase their success to the fullest. Whatever they choose, our expert team works alongside all our winners so that they can make the most out of their achievement. Some award packages available include a trophy, we are pleased to offer standing glass, wall plaque, and slate versions to accompany your award title. Awards

04. Forward Features Every month the Acquisition International magazine is globally distributed to thousands of readers across the business landscape. In 2021 we were proud to make our content available to over 96,000 readers. We continue to further improve on this and grow our readership as the years go on. We invite our readers to put forward a piece for our forward features, using this list as a guide. Where possible, our editorial and marketing teams can assist and guide participants through the process. This can of course be subject to change as business trends evolve through the year. 05. Advertising with Acquisition International allows you to reach your target market and showcase your talent and industry knowledge. Our popular online magazine and website offer a selection of ways to interact with your clients and highlight your skills. With so many different options to choose from and support across every stage of the process, it could not be easier to get your message across. Advertise Issue 1 Issue 2 Issue 3 Issue 4 Issue 5 Issue 6 Issue 7 Issue 8 Issue 9 Issue 10 Issue 11 Issue 12 Technology Trends That Will Dominate Businesses The Shift to Digital Onboarding Secure Your Business From Financial Crime Digitization of Payments - Will It Become a Permanent Method? Global Business Integratio n Rise in Finances Sustainable Cloud Innovatio n The Impact of Going Serverless Manufacturing Industry Pioneer s Data Privacy and Its Impact on Businesses Revenue Operations Tips Yearly Round Up The Year of Automatio n Financial Innovation: Blockchai n The Evolution of Digital Banking New Forms of Funding Investing in Skills The Rise of Investing in Technology Solutions Digital Security Supply Chain Resilience Securing the Best Talent For Your Business Digital Sales The Role of Business Intelligence Business Leaders Who Will Be in the Spotlight in the New Year 3rd December 2021 5th January 2022 1st February 2022 4th March 2022 2nd April 2022 2nd May 2022 4th June 2022 1st July 2022 1st August 2022 3rd September 2022 3rd October 2022 3rd November 202 Forward Features Deadlines Double Page-spread Full Page 420 x 297mm 210 x 297mm Contributors

North America 40.8% Europe 48.1% Asia 2.8% Africa 2.6% Central & South America 2.5% Australasia 3.2% Based around the world and representing the corporate landscape, our readers account for some of the world’s leading key decision makers and business innovators. These leading visionaries need to be kept up to date with the latest developments, appointments, regulations and challenges their region is facing, and we deliver this through our vast selection of online resources including our monthlymagazine, website, a range of awards programmes, and special supplements to showcase award-winning businesses. For our readers, staying ahead of the game is crucial, and they only want to hear from the best, and as such we work with industry leaders and game-changers from almost every industry around the world; from highend hotels through to hedge fund managers and everyone in between. If it’s important to business then it’s important to us, and as such we are always searching for the latest cutting-edge insight to share with our readership who include: Having a strong digital presence is at the forefront of Acquisition International’s philosophy. With a dedicated web team, we are constantly improving and perfecting our online presence, making our website and newsletter a perfect home for your articles. 07. Our Readers Acquisition International Online Audience biggest average age 25-34 Audience are of work Financial Services/Investment Services Audience platform desktop- 73.75% Audience platform mobile- 25.38% Audience platform other- 0.87% Circulation96,000 Open Rate17.1% CTR1.3% Web Users204,848 Web Page Views- % Our current social media platforms are important resources for Acquisition International, as we can communicate with our audience as soon as needed, and we can promote articles and news stories. Connecting with our audience through social can help promote your article, increase brand awareness, and increase your own social media following. Acquisition International on Social @acquisitionintl Followers- 15,848 @acquisition_int Followers- 3,339 acquisition international magazine Followers- 1,656 Impressions- 19,983

08. Testimonials About AI Global Media Acquisition International is owned by AI Global Media, a UK based B2B digital publishing house since 2010. Today, AI Global Media has 12 unique brands, each of which serves a specific industry or region. Our brands cover the latest news in its sector and publish digital magazines and/or newsletters which is read by a global audience. AI Global Media is also a member of the CPD Certification Service or CPD. Our CPD membership profile page can be viewed here. Each issue of Acquisition International is CPD accredited, meaning that readers can gain CPD points through reading and absorbing the content. Many professionals receiving our magazines are required to maintain continuing professional development, which is achieved by gaining CPD points on an on-going basis. As such, our magazines are a vital tool for our advertisers, readers and contributors alike. AI Global Media, along with all our subsequent brands, is committed to offering the best services while maintaining ethical and green practices. Because of this, we are pleased to offer digital services as a priority. Please note that statistics given throughout were correct at time of publishing Media Sales Elliot Ashbourne, Head of Features [email protected] +44 (0) 203 970 0010 - Ext. 207 Editorial Enquiries Sofi Bajor, Editor [email protected] +44 (0) 203 970 0018 Contacts Award Enquiries Laura O’Carroll, Awards Manager [email protected] +44 (0) 203 970 0029 Contact Acquisition International Ground Floor, Suites B-D, The Maltsters, 1-2 Wetmore Road, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, DE14 1LS www.acquisition-international.com “As a freelance business adviser, it was a fantastic feeling just to be noticed amongst all the other larger consulting firms in the UK (so you can imagine what it felt like to learn I’d been named as the country’s leading corporate consultant!). “I’ve used the award in a number of ways already: to assure clients that they are, and are continuing to, work with recognised excellence; and to assure my parents that their son didn’t turn out all that badly after all! “This recognition has also meant that my credibility when submitting evidences and ideas to inform future government policy and wider business support practices is enhanced. Its offered me a great excuse to rekindle relationships with lapsed colleagues and network contacts who reached out to congratulate me on this achievement.” Adrian Ashton – www.adrianashton.co.uk “Kerb Appealz is now in its’ seventh year of successful business. Dedicated to sellers and buyers we have always gone out of our way to make the journey of moving as stress free as possible for our clients. “Acquisition International have always recognised the effort that we have put in to ensuring we give the public an outstanding service. We are honoured to receive the awards from them as we know there is vast competition in our business sector. “AI value and appreciate the ideas and commitment that we have that sets us apart from other businesses. We proudly advertise our award on a weekly basis, both in the local press and on social media. In turn this helps our customers to appreciate that they are getting a first-class service from us and it definitely generates more awareness and more business. “We hope that we are still receiving awards from them for many years to come.” Penny Whitaker, Kerbz Appealz – https://www.kerbappealz.co.uk/