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North America 40.8% Europe 48.1% Asia 2.8% Africa 2.6% Central & South America 2.5% Australasia 3.2% Based around the world and representing the corporate landscape, our readers account for some of the world’s leading key decision makers and business innovators. These leading visionaries need to be kept up to date with the latest developments, appointments, regulations and challenges their region is facing, and we deliver this through our vast selection of online resources including our monthlymagazine, website, a range of awards programmes, and special supplements to showcase award-winning businesses. For our readers, staying ahead of the game is crucial, and they only want to hear from the best, and as such we work with industry leaders and game-changers from almost every industry around the world; from highend hotels through to hedge fund managers and everyone in between. If it’s important to business then it’s important to us, and as such we are always searching for the latest cutting-edge insight to share with our readership who include: Having a strong digital presence is at the forefront of Acquisition International’s philosophy. With a dedicated web team, we are constantly improving and perfecting our online presence, making our website and newsletter a perfect home for your articles. 07. Our Readers Acquisition International Online Audience biggest average age 25-34 Audience are of work Financial Services/Investment Services Audience platform desktop- 73.75% Audience platform mobile- 25.38% Audience platform other- 0.87% Circulation96,000 Open Rate17.1% CTR1.3% Web Users204,848 Web Page Views- % Our current social media platforms are important resources for Acquisition International, as we can communicate with our audience as soon as needed, and we can promote articles and news stories. Connecting with our audience through social can help promote your article, increase brand awareness, and increase your own social media following. Acquisition International on Social @acquisitionintl Followers- 15,848 @acquisition_int Followers- 3,339 acquisition international magazine Followers- 1,656 Impressions- 19,983