APAC Media Pack

04. Forward Features Every month the Acquisition International magazine is globally distributed to thousands of readers across the business landscape. In 2021 we were proud to make our content available to over 96,000 readers. We continue to further improve on this and grow our readership as the years go on. We invite our readers to put forward a piece for our forward features, using this list as a guide. Where possible, our editorial and marketing teams can assist and guide participants through the process. This can of course be subject to change as business trends evolve through the year. 05. Advertising with Acquisition International allows you to reach your target market and showcase your talent and industry knowledge. Our popular online magazine and website offer a selection of ways to interact with your clients and highlight your skills. With so many different options to choose from and support across every stage of the process, it could not be easier to get your message across. Advertise Issue 1 Issue 2 Issue 3 Issue 4 Issue 5 Issue 6 Issue 7 Issue 8 Issue 9 Issue 10 Issue 11 Issue 12 Technology Trends That Will Dominate Businesses The Shift to Digital Onboarding Secure Your Business From Financial Crime Digitization of Payments - Will It Become a Permanent Method? Global Business Integratio n Rise in Finances Sustainable Cloud Innovatio n The Impact of Going Serverless Manufacturing Industry Pioneer s Data Privacy and Its Impact on Businesses Revenue Operations Tips Yearly Round Up The Year of Automatio n Financial Innovation: Blockchai n The Evolution of Digital Banking New Forms of Funding Investing in Skills The Rise of Investing in Technology Solutions Digital Security Supply Chain Resilience Securing the Best Talent For Your Business Digital Sales The Role of Business Intelligence Business Leaders Who Will Be in the Spotlight in the New Year 3rd December 2021 5th January 2022 1st February 2022 4th March 2022 2nd April 2022 2nd May 2022 4th June 2022 1st July 2022 1st August 2022 3rd September 2022 3rd October 2022 3rd November 202 Forward Features Deadlines Double Page-spread Full Page 420 x 297mm 210 x 297mm Contributors