2018 Australian Enterprise Awards Packages

Superior Package: £1,190 (GBP) / $2,100 (AUD) • Front cover logo • One dedicated page of content • 1 crystal trophy • Personalised digital logo • 3-month clickable web-banner advert - placed in a prime position on our homepage • Digital certificate 14 APAC / March2017 , GlenStrattonfromAltro talkstousaboutwhatthecompanyhavedone tohelptransform everydayspaces intoenvironments thatcan improve thewellbeingofeveryone thatuses them. Drive for Constant Improvement Altro isa third generation, family ownedbusiness thatmanufacturers hygienic floorand wall coverings.AltroAPAC isa fullyowned subsidiarywith teams inChina,Australia,NewZealand anddistributionpartners inmost otherAsian countries.Glen Stratton spoke tousabout the firms impact in the industry. “Weareaglobal leaderof specialisedproducts to the health,education,hospitality, retailandpharmaceutical sectors.Weareoften first to marketwith innovativeproducts. Our clientbase is rather wide includinggovernments, architects,builders, flooring contractorsandendusers. “InAsiaPacific,weare focused ondelivering thehighestquality solutionsandanexceptional customerexperience.Because weoffer specialisedproducts forhigh functionareaswe can separateourproductsand services fromour competitors, whohaveamoregeneral approach to these sectors.By building long term valueadded relationshipswe feel thiswill continue to setusapart into the future. “Wehave spenta lotof timeas a teamestablishingwhoweare, whatwe stand forandwhywe aredoingwhatwedo.Weare very focusedon staying true to theseprinciples.Bringing in talentedpeople,empowering themand then supporting their owngrowth isalsoproving beneficial.” Glenexplainswhat the challengesofworking in the APAC regionareandhowhe hasmanaged toovercome these challenges through keeping motivatedandpositive. “Aswe sellpremiumproducts in the constructionmarket witha focuson safetyhygiene and sustainability, thebiggest challengeshavebeenemerging marketswhere these factorsare lowerpriorities formanyof the individualmarkets.Ensuringwe stay true toour core strategy whileaddressing specific local needs isproving successful. It isa slowprocesshoweverwe havepersistence,ourowngood peopleand somegreat regional partners takingus forward. “Iget themotivation Ineed to succeed fromourpeople. Helping them succeedand achieve theirowngoals in bothbusinessand life is very satisfying.Thereare timeswhere youneed to stepbackand reflect and finding that time forpersonal thought isalso important tome.” “Oneof theappealing things about theAPAC region is that it is sodiverse.Thisprovidesbig challengeshoweveralsobig opportunities for companieswho get their strategy correct.Of course thesedays,noone is truly isolated fromworldeventshowever I feel thereare stillmanyemerging markets in the region thatwill provideabright future forus.” Aswellas stayingmotivated in order toensure the successof thebusiness,Glen lists theother attributeshehas thathebelieves havemadehim successful. “Active listening,patience, persistenceandadrive for constant improvementare behaviours Iholddear. Ialso feel the focus to stripawayall the distractionsand focusonwhat is reallygoing tomakeadifference isa constantgoal.” Priceand technologyare themain changes thathave appeared in recent years in the construction industry.Glen explains these changesandhow theyaffectedbusiness. “The construction industry continues tobecomemoreand more focusedonprice.The majorityofbuilding continues tobe completedas cheaplyas possible rather thandelivering quality long term solutions to end-users.Margin issuesand time linepressures forour customers continue to increase and in2016we saw several large flooring contractorsenter in to periodsof financialhardshipor liquidation. “Aswe supplyproducts to specialisedareas suchas Hospital surgeries,developments in technology isgoing toplay ahugepart inour future.Altro haveadedicated innovations teamwith the specificgoalsof creatingproducts that contribute tohealthyenvironmentsand improvedwell-being.Recentlywe wereawarded theABABusiness Award forProduct Innovation forAltroXpresslay,whichwasa veryproudmoment forus.The awardwasnice recognitionof our constantdrive fornewand improvedproducts.” Finally,GlenoutlineswhatAltro APACPTYLtdhave to look forward to in thenear future. “In five years’ timewewillhave delivered the first stagesofour plans,whichwillmeanwearea verydifferent company than the oneweare today.Thiswillhave provided the foundations forour longer termplans through to 2035.Wehave very cleargoals andanambitious vision.My focus isonouramazingpeople andhelping them toachieve whatwehave setout todo,and of courseensureweallhavea great timedoing it.” K Company:AltroAPACPTYLTD Name:GlenStratton W ebAddress:www.asf.c om.au 1701AP01 CERTIFICATE <<Award>> <<Company Name>> This is toCertify: HasBeenNamed:  Australian Enterprise Awards 2 0 1 8  Australian Enterprise Awards 2 0 1 8 winner