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In addition to the quarterly magazine, the APAC Insider newsletter promotes content, informs readers of our upcoming awards, and features companies within the APAC areas. Everyone who wants to stay current on the most pertinent and recent news in the APAC industry must subscribe to our newsletter. The attention your business receives by being included in our newsletter can help it gain more recognition. Our Newsletter Circulation105,000 Newsletter Open Rate34.3% Newsletter CTR2.4% In addition to our well-liked magazine, APAC Insider also provides users with a useful website where they can access all the information in our magazine in a condensed format—ideal for active professionals who are constantly on the go! The APAC Insider website is regularly updated and provides a wide spectrum of users from the APAC regions with the most recent business news, insights, trends, and features. Online Audience Audience Europe 12.42% Audience North America 10.7% Audience Central & South America 0.99% Audience Africa 0.94% Audience Asia 48.53% Audience Platform Desktop 64.3% Audience Platform Mobile 34.91% Audience Platform other 0.79% Web Users 114,906 Web Page Views 484,300