2023 South East Asia Business Award Packages

Packages Packages About Us Introduction Bronze Package APAC Insider is excited to announce the return of the South East Asia Business Awards! In 2023 this popular programme will now be in its fifth year, and we are looking forward to once again shining a spotlight on the key players and leading innovators working tirelessly across this dynamic region. Following a surge of industrialisation throughout the 1960s, South East Asian business has experienced substantial growth, leading to more than half of the region’s eleven countries ranking in the top fifty largest economies worldwide by 2022. While each country does have its own individual strengths and unique industry landscape that sets it apart amongst its neighbours, there are some common market trends that they share. Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Electronics are the most prominent sectors in virtually all nations of South East Asia. The region is a global export leader, with strong international trade connections for many commodities including food and fishery products, personal electronics, and motor vehicles. SMEs are also the dominant company size across most South East Asian countries, making up the majority of the workforce and contributing significantly to the GDP. More recently, South East Asia has become a hotspot for Digital Technology, with investment in the region’s tech companies hitting an all-time high in 2021. Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines are at the forefront of this digital revolution. Also currently experiencing a boom is the E-Commerce industry, which has seen huge advancements in recent years, and is now projected to become the biggest driver of growth within South East Asia up until 2025. • Full page editorial • Bespoke trophy • Personalised digital logo Shipping included Jan22686 F eFbe2b22523386 9 When looking for a team to keep you covered, there are few finer than those at Jurist and Jurist International. Built on expertise, the team have a strong track record of delivering true success for their clients. In APAC Insider’s APAC Legal Awards 2022, the team were named Best Human Rights Law Practice Firm 2022 – Delhi. We dig a little deeper to uncover more. In a challenging situation, it can seem like no path is possible. The Jurist and Jurist International team make the impossible possible. For corporates and individuals, this team are the first port of call when legal issues arise because of their tremendous skill and incredible aptitude. When you hire the team at Jurist and Jurist International, you hire legal professionals who are always looking for a new way forward. Their advice comes from a practical perspective, focused exclusively on the unique demands of India’s legal system. Based in New Delhi, and acting as a fully independent and commercial Litigation Law Firm, the team are trusted by numerous individual, multinational, public and private companies and other corporate entities, across the country to deliver something very special indeed. Justly recognised for their success in terms of human rights in APAC Insider, it’s worth considering the complexity of the field. Human rights law is constantly evolving, requiring specialists to ensure that public policy develops in a manner that improves the lives of those whose rights might have been violated. For many human rights lawyers, and the Jurist and Jurist International team are no exception, the opportunity to return to individuals their fundamental rights, is the most rewarding part of the work they do. The team’s incredible expertise means that they are also highly regarded in the fields of both civil and corporate law. Jurist and Jurist International are renowned for their incredible ability, representing numerous government bodies, companies and individuals when it comes to civil litigation matters. No matter what the court or tribunal, Jurist and Jurist International has a comprehensive network of legal professionals located throughout the country who are proud to provide the ultimate service. Instead of having to source your own local attorney, the Jurist and Jurist International team can deliver on your behalf. From this hub of legal expertise, clients can receive profound insight into advising, drafting of pleading and appearances in the courts. Jurist and Jurist International are also highly respected when it comes to corporate law, able to provide legal services that extend across the life of a business from formation through to restructuring. There are many challenges that might arise in today’s complex competitive environment, and the Jurist and Jurist International team provide a solution-oriented approach that stands apart from the crowd. For both domestic and international clients across numerous business sectors, Jurist and Jurist International have proven to be an invaluable resource. When you hire a law firm, you’re looking for people who can get to the core of any problems that might arise and find a way to ensure that your rights are fully protected. Clients who trust in Jurist and Jurist International have found partners who deliver on all fronts, providing the ultimate in protection no matter what your needs. 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