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South East Asia Business Awards 2023 Craftisan Co. Inc.: Best Shoecare Solutions eTailer 2023 - Philippines South East Asia Business Awards 2023

2 | South East Asia Awards 2023 Welcome to the South East Asia Business Awards 2023 APAC Insider is excited to announce the return of the South East Asia Business Awards! In 2023 this popular programme will now be in its fifth year, and we are looking forward to once again shining a spotlight on the key players and leading innovators working tirelessly across this dynamic region. Following a surge of industrialisation throughout the 1960s, South East Asian business has experienced substantial growth, leading to more than half of the region’s eleven countries ranking in the top fifty largest economies worldwide by 2022. While each country does have its own individual strengths and unique industry landscape that sets it apart amongst its neighbours, there are some common market trends that they share. Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Electronics are the most prominent sectors in virtually all nations of South East Asia. The region is a global export leader, with strong international trade connections for many commodities including food and fishery products, personal electronics, and motor vehicles. SMEs are also the dominant company size across most South East Asian countries, making up the majority of the workforce and contributing significantly to the GDP. More recently, South East Asia has become a hotspot for Digital Technology, with investment in the region’s tech companies hitting an all-time high in 2021. Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines are at the forefront of this digital revolution. Also currently experiencing a boom is the E-Commerce industry, which has seen huge advancements in recent years, and is now projected to become the biggest driver of growth within South East Asia up until 2025. Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

South East Asia Awards 2023 | 3 4. Craftisan Co. Inc.: Best Shoecare Solutions eTailer 2023 - Philippines 6. Pulido & Tiamson Law Offices: Most Outstanding Environmental Law Firm 2023 - Philippines 8. In-Tune Business Services: Best SME Accounting & HR Consulting Firm 2023 10. Travelvago Co.,Ltd: Inbound Tour Operator of the Year 2023 - Thailand 12. Nuripac Sdn Bhd: Best Industrial Construction Contractor 2023 - Johor 14. Imagine AI Sdn Bhd: Most Innovative AI & Automation Solutions Provider 2023 - Malaysia 16. Koh Samui Construction: Best Luxury Construction & Design Company 2023 - Thailand 17. Amonthep Kachanonda: Leading Experts in Home Decoration 2023 - Thailand 18. Beyond Medical Group Pte Ltd: Best Medical Specialists & Healthcare Management Company 2023 19. Reeracoen Singapore Pte Ltd: Most Pioneering Recruitment Thought Leader 2023 20. Chalked Interior Design: Best Interior Design Studio 2023 - Singapore 21. Chemist Warehouse: International Health & Beauty Retailer of the Year 2023 22. Better Business Governance APAC Pte Ltd: IndonesiaWISE: Organization Development and Talent Management Champions 2023 23. Interconnected Business Process Inc.: Most Innovative BPO Company 2023 (Philippines) 24. DDB Group Philippines: Most Innovative Full-Service Communications Group 2023 - Phillippines 25. Rentalworks Group: Most Sustainable IT Solutions Provider 2023 26. ADR Studio PTE LTD: Best Graphic Design & Communications Company 2023 Contents

4 | South East Asia Awards 2023 Best Shoecare Solutions eTailer 2023 - Philippines Imagine you’ve bought a brand-new designer handbag that you don’t want to wear out for fear of ruining it. Or perhaps you’ve got a pair of luxurious shoes that barely see the light of day. Back in 2014, Mia Samson Ancheta, an avid bag lover, was having this same dilemma. She had recently purchased a Céline Trapeze bag, notably known for its suede wings. In the Philippines, there is a preconceived notion that suede is a difficult material to handle. She wondered how westerners wear suede all year round, even during the winter—with all the snow and slush. She went on a search to find ways of how to protect this bag and learned about waterproofers. When scouting for the best brands of waterproofers, she stumbled upon the brand Collonil. Because of the brand’s track record of concocting the best products in its field since its establishment in 1909, supported by customer reviews and by the assurance of German quality and excellence, she took a leap of faith to import them to the Philippines without ever having tried out the products herself. Luckily, she was at that time, in the business of distribution of multinational goods in the healthcare industry alongside her husband, Jake. Seeing as the business model of distributing Collonil would be quite similar, she took up the challenge and finally decided to import the goods without any big plans except to sell it online. She established Craftisan Co. Inc., a corporation created specifically for this purpose. While waiting for her first shipment to arrive, she took on the task of developing a Collonil Philippines e-commerce website. As an online shopper herself, she knew that excellent products that are packed well and delivered reliably would be enough to generate sales. Mia comes from a clan of shoemakers in Marikina, the shoe capital of the Philippines. Their shoe factory and raw material warehouse was her childhood playground. Having grown up around different kinds of leather, and eventually having worked for their family business of shoe manufacturing and retail, this knowledge came naturally. Her knowhow on shoe construction and the different materials aided in identifying customer concerns and answering their inquiries. Ever since, Collonil Philippines has prided itself on tailor fitting their replies to the circumstances of the customer, knowing that not all concerns are one-size-fits-all, and need to be approached accordingly. The Philippine distributor does not only offer products, it provides solutions to customers’ issues and concerns. Through word of mouth and the help of social media, Collonil in the Philippines grew in popularity. New clients would post their reviews of Collonil products with captions such as “The hype is real!”. Their loyal clientele continues to praise how their beloved bags are brought back to life with its products. The use of the products are untethered, as you can use them on your luxury bags, branded sneakers, and even the upholstery of home furniture and car seats; on your most prized luxury goods, all the way down to your most casual belongings. The brand became known as a total leather and textile care solution. Collonil Philippines dominates the eTailing market of shoe and bag care. And by showing that Collonil products can be trusted for your most delicate and expensive items, you can rely on it for all your other goods as well. With the trust of the most prestigious department store in the Philippines and other specialty stores, the brand eventually expanded to retail. Their stockists now include the favorite stores of Filipino bag and shoe lovers. The fortunate combination of a background in production and retail of footwear and leather goods, being an online shopping enthusiast and bag lover simply trying to care for her belongings, and most of all, nurturing a good business relationship with a reputable company that produces the best products in its field, became the perfect concoction that made Collonil Philippines into the success that it is today. So, what’s next for Collonil Philippines? The brand will continue to bring in excellent products care of Collonil Germany, which boasts of more than a century of product innovation and state-of-theart production, all happening in the heart of Berlin. Its 2023 plans include expansion of its reach to the provincial stores of their stockists. And in the near future, the brand plans to put up its very own brick-andmortar store that would carry the whole range of Collonil products for their customers to see and experience onsite. Continue to expect the best of the best products for leather and textile care distributed to the Philippine market. So don’t worry about your goods, so long as they are preserved and protected with Collonil (which is actually the signature hashtag of Collonil Philippines!). Craftisan Co. Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Collonil in the Philippines Contact: Craftisan Co. Inc. Email: [email protected] Contact Person: Mia Samson Ancheta Brand: Collonil (Philippines) Web Address:

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6 | South East Asia Awards 2023 Jan22686 Most Outstanding Environmental Law Firm 2023 - Philippines Times are changing, and most companies are looking to ensure that their practises align with environmental compliances. As a result of a range of technicalities, it can be difficult to decipher the eco-friendly choices from the harmful ones, and such cases could spell disaster for any manner of company. Thankfully, Pulido & Tiamson Law Offices (PTLO) has devoted itself towards delivering sound environmental advice to clients throughout the Philippines. PTLaw is a general practice law firm that offers a wide range of services to clients in various fields, focusing on environmental law, land, and natural resources. Over the past fourteen years, PTLaw has grown significantly and expanded its expertise to cover a multitude of cases including cybercrime, medical malpractice, labor, and family relations. This growth was driven by an increasing client base and the firm's commitment to professionalism and dedication to the law. The firm has a team of skilled lawyers who provide support to both corporate and individual clients. PTLaw has developed a loyal client base that continues to refer new clients to the firm, allowing it to further expand and establish itself as the most reliable environmental law firm in the Philippines. The firm's focus on client satisfaction and trust sets it apart from other firms in the sector. Its unique understanding of the country's environmental laws and institutions as one of the pioneer in environmental law practice at the Environment Management Bureau (EMB) gives it an advantage in addressing the ever expanding environmental regulatory regime. The firm’s understanding of the technical and legal requirements of companies, including the need to coordinate various professional technical services to address environmental issues and violations, made it the firm of choice in environmental law compliance and litigation for a lot of companies. It has represented clients in all EMB Regional Offices and the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao and has understood the dynamics of environmental law permitting, monitoring, and pollution adjudication. PTLaw is also dedicated to ensuring that companies make a positive contribution to the environment through sustainable development. The firm focuses on environmental compliance and works towards achieving positive results for both the countries ecology and the businesses it assists. It goes above and beyond to ensure clients comply with regulations and prevent future environmental disasters. PTLaw strikes a balance between development and protecting natural resources, making it a standout law firm. The firm is at the forefront of addressing environmental risks and is constantly developing its expertise to make a positive impact in the corporate industry. The firm's selfless approach and passion for the law set Apr23528 it apart from other law firms in the Philippines. PTLaw's lawyers hold impressive qualifications in environmental law and pollution control and are very active in the academe as professors and lecturers in this field. PTLaw genuinely cares about the fields it specializes in and is dedicated to upholding the law and preserving the environment. PTLaw sees sustainability and environmental compliance as more than just trends or checkboxes. The firm invests deeply in its work and has rigorous training programs to educate its team on preserving the natural beauty of the world. Overall, PTLaw is an environmental law firm that views sustainability with a clear perspective and is committed to helping clients achieve a balance between their businesses and the environment. Contact: Roberto Rafael Pulido Company: Pulido & Tiamson Law Offices Web:

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8 | South East Asia Awards 2023 Best SME Accounting & HR Consulting Firm 2023 In-Tune Business Services is an outsourcing accounting firm in Malaysia with over 40 years of practice and collective experience. Established in 2007 in Puchong, Kuala Lumpur, it is a business consultancy dedicated to making finance and HR easy for its SME clients. InTune Outsourcing serves the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with customised and scalable finance, payroll, and human resource services. It offers a range of different packages, small, medium, and large, with varying fee options to cater for all levels and needs of SMEs. This means it can grow with its clients, always offering them the appropriate level of services they require. It operates from the understanding that every SME has the capacity to become a large-scale business enterprise. This is a vision that InTune can help make a reality, with its offering to save business owners up to 40% on the cost of hiring and managing in house teams. Doing this provides managers with the freedom to concentrate on core business ideas, safe in the knowledge that the back-end is being taken care of by InTune. Cloud computing solutions are used to support SMEs in their digitalisation efforts, with InTune having integrated processes and systems that are 100% cloud based. Over the course of the previous 15 years, the consultancy has served more than 400 clients from multiple industries. This includes food and beverage, retail, consultation, constructions, coaching, IT companies, real estate and many more. It has several important core values that influences the way it works with clients. This starts with a commitment to a growth mindset, with InTune believing that it is imperative to continually strive for improvement, and upgrade its processes, systems, technologies, and people. This is what helps it grow alongside its clients, knowing that as it flourishes, so too does its clients. InTune has been a pioneer in cloud-based accounting, stretching back long before the COVID-19 pandemic. This meant that when the business world was hit with this particular challenge, InTune was able to ensure 100% of its clients remained unaffected. It was even able to continue supporting the back-end operations for clients during, and despite of, numerous lockdowns. InTune values ownership, taking on a high degree of proprietary stakes when it is engaged by a SME. It holds high delivery standards, specified by service level agreements, ensuring an integrated and seamless outsourcing experience. In addition, performance delivery forms a specific part of InTune’s engagement and client onboarding processes. Teamwork is a further important value asset for InTune. It strongly believes in working as a team, classing the client as an important and integral part of that team, despite being outsourced. It regards collective understanding in collaborative processes, running from front of house through to the back-end, as being what makes things work for clients. Integrity is another extremely important value for InTune, particularly as it deals with highly sensitive information such as payroll and financial data. This makes it crucial for InTune to demonstrate and deliver the highest levels of professionalism in managing the back-end for its clients. It has developed distinct internal audit reviews and segregation of internal controls to ensure the level of integrity is in place is always of the very highest standards. InTune is absolutely committed to its purpose in order to free clients from their back-end challenges. It has high levels of commitment in both delivering and meeting the service level agreement. Over the years, InTune is proud to say that it has grown 3 of its clients to become so large that they are now part of listed or multinational groups. InTune is based in, and operates from, Malaysia, a South East Asia region with its own challenges and opportunities. For example, currently both economically and politically the country is not very stable. Following the COVID-19 pandemic there have been rising costs and thinner margins, with many industries still struggling to fully recover. A lot of extra employment related costs are being passed on to SMEs, such as an increase in minimum wage, an increased amount of maternity and paternity leave, and other additional staff costs that are being recommended. It is also currently very challenging to look for and find suitable talent to hire. On the other hand, there are certainly opportunities to be found for InTune working out of Malaysia. For instance, although staff might be hard to find, there is definitely a noticeable rise in the requirement for businesses to turn to outsourcing as an alternative. SMEs are certainly becoming more open to InTune Outsourcing, given the current circumstances. InTune Outsourcing is unique in many different ways that sets it apart from its competitors. There’s its 100% cloud-based May23253 “We tailor our services for each individual client based on the current needs as well as the future goals of the business. Our goal is to help you set up a solid foundation that leads to growth, whilst always remaining in tune with the needs of your business.”

South East Asia Awards 2023 | 9 finance system, human resource management system, and integrated processes. This is in conjunction with packages that are affordable, offering up to 40% savings compared to in-house hiring. The packages are also scalable, so as as to cater for small SMEs or larger SMES, and often allow the allimportant opportunity for InTune to grow alongside the business enterprise. Over the course of the last 15 years, InTune has established a full setup with a team of qualified and experienced professionals. They include chartered accountants, financial specialists, and tax consultants, all dedicated to the growth of Malaysian businesses. InTune has a diverse multi-cultural team who can communicate in English, Mandarin, and Bahasa Malaysia (Malay). This means they are uniquely situated to better understand the needs of the South East Asian SMEs business requirements. InTune also has established associate partners that can support SME clients with legal, audit, tax, company secretarial, funding, and listing needs, enabling a centralised point of support. Finally, InTune has international exposure with clients from the UK, Australia, Singapore, and Indonesia, in addition to Malaysia. Within the industry, it is apparent that recruitment and human resource issues are the cause of challenges in Malaysia. It’s not only a case of employee costs constantly rising, but also the ability to look for the right talent in the first place, something that is fraught with difficulties. To combat this, InTune has developed recruitment programmes to assist in hiring, and has worked closely with SMEs to create talent retention programs. It constantly adjusts and adapts itself to the ever changing business and economic climate, constantly looking for new technologies and/or alternative processes to be able to better serve clients. It recognises that 2023 is a year where high inflation and rising staff costs are continuing to create difficulties for businesses in the post pandemic recovery period, but it is challenging these notions with innovative plans. For example, InTune is hoping to adopt an AI approach, further enhancing its deliverable services to create bigger value in supporting SMEs to expand. In-Tune Business Services has been awarded the title Best SME Accounting & HR Consulting Firm 2023, by the South East Asia Business Awards. Its formidable approach to servicing the needs of small to large scale SMEs, even during challenging times, is something deserving of celebration, so congratulations to the whole team for its implacable dedication. Company: In-Tune Business Services Sdn Bhd Web Address: Contact Name: Lily Yong InTune Incentive trip at Borobodur 2023 InTune Client & Staff Appreciation 2023 InTune Incentive Tour Mt Merapi 2023

10 | South East Asia Awards 2023 Inbound Tour Operator of the Year 2023 - Thailand Driving tourism across Malaysia, Thailand, Dubai, and Singapore, Travelvago Co., Ltd. is a leading travel agency offering personalised experience packages to suit customers’ preferences. The company provides comprehensive destination management services, including hotel reservations, meet and assist arrangements, in-resort aid, transportation, vehicle rentals, tours, excursions, and shopping assistance. When they book with Travelvago, customers embark on an inspiring and enriching adventure. Founded by Sooria Prakash and co-founded by Thiruchelvan Balakrishnan, Travelvago is the culmination of their shared vision and relentless pursuit of excellence in the travel sector. Sooria Prakash, serving as the Founder and Managing Director, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the company. His leadership and entrepreneurial spirit have been instrumental in guiding Travelvago's growth and success. Thiruchelvan Balakrishnan, as the Cofounder and Director, has played a pivotal role in shaping the company's strategic direction and fostering valuable partnerships. With offices in Malaysia and Thailand, Travelvago is an inbound travel agency, consistently providing top class hotels, excellent itineraries, and quality tours and services to its esteemed clients. The company delivers an effective onestop solution for destination management, with a team of staff that perfectly handles all proceedings and are onhand to provide assistance throughout the duration of customers’ holidays. Travelvago specialises in planning customised vacations for families, helping adults and children alike make lifelong memories. However, the company can effectively cater to the needs of any customer. Whether they’re looking to plan a thrilling family friendly adventure or a bachelorette party abroad, customers can trust that Travelvago will make the experience unforgettable. No matter the destinations on their dream to-do list, its team will work tirelessly to ensure that their personal itinerary covers it all. Providing affordable prices, perfect places, and personalised services, Travelvago’s primary goal is to drive tourism in its destination countries by attracting potential visitors from across the globe. As well as this, it strives to make customers’ dreams come true by planning and realising their ideal holiday experiences. To achieve these goals, Travelvago is proud to offer unique, high-quality products, which surpass that of its competitors in value for money. For example, it provides a city tour of Bangkok in a premium vehicle, driven by a licensed tour guide. This is offered at the same price as other agencies, who only offer normal vehicles with regular services. Conveniently, the company’s outstanding experiences can be purchased instantly using its website, enabling travellers to save time and book at the last minute if they need to. Dedicated to its customers, Travelvago works hard to provide a deeply personal service. Its excellent team of staff listen carefully to the specific needs and desires of each individual they work with, aiming to provide them with experiences that feel special. Every customer is treated like a VIP, consistently receiving top notch assistance. When people go on holiday, they expect to be able to relax and escape the stress and worries they face in their everyday lives. For this reason, when things go wrong, Travelvago must resolve issues immediately to avoid downtime in customers’ travel experiences. The company understands that individuals spend their hard-earned money to go on vacation and relax, so it prides itself on its ability to create instant solutions to customers’ problems. In order to fully support its customers as they embark on the vacation of their lifetime, the company’s dedicated team are on standby 24/7 to respond to any emergencies and lastminute requests. Each team member is committed to their role, striving to provide them with the best services. This allows both agents and end customers to have peace of mind when they work with Travelvago. To deliver such an excellent standard of service, Travelvago strives to hire individuals who are knowledgeable in travel booking services and software, skilled in problem solving, and have some previous experience in the hospitality and tourism industries. Furthermore, the company is committed to delivering 24/7 support, so it seeks staff members who have flexible availability. However, following the pandemic, Travelvago has

South East Asia Awards 2023 | 11 noticed a shortage of people who are looking to work in the tourism sector. When travel restrictions plagued the world, many tourism professionals migrated to other industries, seeking stability. Now, there are more visitors looking to visit Thailand and explore the world, but less people working to support the increased influx of visitors. Therefore, the work is more demanding, and productivity is essential. Travelvago supports its employees as they adjust to these changes. The hard work of Travelvago’s team is reflected in the glowing reviews it has received on TripAdvisor. Thanks to its knowledgeable tour guides and the wonderful experiences it delivers, the company has garnered an impressive 4.5-star rating on the site. People frequently praise the professional, informative way in which guides lead the experiences, enabling customers to enjoy their destinations peacefully whilst learning about the area’s rich history. Reviews demonstrate that many of the company’s customers would willingly recommend Travelvago’s services to their friends and acquaintances. As a result of the exceptional standard of service it provides, Travelvago has been awarded Inbound Tour Operator of the Year, Thailand, in the South East Asia Business Awards 2023. In the coming months, Travelvago plans to distribute Thailand destination activities, experiences, park tickets, and related travel services through an API partnership with a leading global online travel platform. The company also aims to switch to a fully automated travel website, providing the convenience of instant bookings for travel activities. Additionally, it plans to focus on the development of sustainable tourism products. Beyond this, in the long term, Travelvago plans to become a total travel service distributor, providing flights, hotels, tours, activities, experiences, travel insurance, medical tourism, and more in a single hub that can be used by both businesses and consumers. We congratulate Travelvago and its team on their success in the South East Asia Business Awards and look forward to seeing how the company’s many plans unfold. Company : Travelvago Co.,Ltd Contact : Sooria Prakash Sunder Web: Managing Director/ Founder - Sooria Prakash Sunder Co-founder / Director- Thirucelvan Balakrishnan

12 | South East Asia Awards 2023 Jan22686 Best Industrial Construction Contractor 2023 - Johor Following the rise of material costs and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the industrial sector has been set on the long road to recovery. However, Nuripac Sdn Bhd (NSB) is at the forefront of adapting its practises in order to deliver on its promise of high quality, all whilst promoting affordability and streamlined services. Join us as we delve into how NSB has set the standard within the construction industry throughout Johor. Functioning as both a main contractor and sub-contractor within design and build factories, NSB covers forms of earthworks, civil and structural works, plant machinery, and equipment installation. It has a deep wealth of expertise within the construction sector, and this is perfectly captured through its operations within Pasir Gudang’s heavy industrial estate. When discussing its main areas of practise, NSB expressed to us that it has, “… specialized experiences in construction of warehouse, beader plant, erection of edible oil refineries, including plant equipment installation, erection of oil storage tanks, piping works, roofing, tank coating, and heat insulation”. Through utilising a plethora of skillsets within its team, NSB is able to effectively deliver services that transcend client expectations, whilst operating within strict budgets and time frames. However, what makes NSB truly admirable is the strong emphasis that it places on adhering to its core values throughout each and every project. It holds itself to incredibly strict standards, and it’s this dedication towards excellence that allows NSB to thrive in ways that other construction consultors throughout the region simply can’t match. As expected within the field, safety is paramount, but NSB takes this to the next level. It commits itself towards completing accident-free projects, and carries out every necessary procedure to guarantee the safety of workers, clients, and the public alike. Safety is its top priority, and its track record of health and wellbeing consideration makes it a no-brainer for any construction development need. There isn’t a single step it won’t take to guarantee that its sites are secure, safe, and free from risk, and it holds a deep passion for safeguarding the people that it operates alongside. This directly corresponds with its devotion to an unwavering sense of professionalism. The construction industry is such a complex behemoth, and yet NSB has learned how to navigate it using only the most talented individuals available. Its team is strictly comprised of seasoned professionals, giving it a unique edge within the sector. Through employing the best of the best, NSB is able to deliver cost-effective solutions and extensive expertise practically effortlessly, which has led to the success of each and every one of its finished and continuing projects. As a result of NSB’s overwhelming professionalism, it comes as no surprise to learn that it holds quality control in incredibly high regard. Its goal is to deliver the best outcomes for its clients, whilst continually improving throughout its ventures. By combining teamwork, pride, and qualitycontrolled systems, it’s able to hire and educate the best fits for its team, and this all culminates in consistent customer satisfaction. It’s very aware of its reputation, and dependably May23094 outperforms itself in order to guarantee future success. At the heart of driving NSB’s brilliance, however, is its managing director, Mr. Gary Lai You Ngen. When founding the company in 2005, Mr. Gary Lai based the entire internal structure on the values of teamwork, integrity, and commitment. He holds an immensely strong understanding of the sector, and has managed to apply his 28 years of experience in order to build the company up to the award-winning status it now holds today. His devotion to NSB’s reputation has given it the means to succeed, and it’s clear to see through its vast array of satisfied clients. Of course, as seen in every industry around the globe, rising costs have created a large hurdle that the majority of companies are struggling to overcome. However, whilst it initially had an impact on NSB, thanks to its positioning in South East Asia, it’s managed to adapt to the recent growth in infrastructure development that’s being seen throughout the region. This, partnered with its hard-earned ability to provide money-saving solutions and high-quality results to its clients, has served to uplift NSB in incredible ways. Through operating alongside reliable sub-contractors and suppliers, and establishing lasting relationships that have

South East Asia Awards 2023 | 13 remained steadfast despite industry struggles, NSB is positioned to consistently guarantee competitive prices that set it apart from its competition. It has selected only the best sub-contractors based on qualifications, pricing, and performance history, all to ensure that clients are receiving the best services for their projects, without having to overspend in order to procure immense quality. In addition to this careful selection of collaborators, NSB has also amassed a wide range of able and skilled individuals, each equipped with the tools to apply themselves in ways that’re simply astounding. NSB, as a collective, has some of the most capable people backing it, and with a variety of skillsets on-hand to fill any client’s requirements, it’s managed to deliver phenomenal service again and again. NSB has garnered immense amounts of success since its inception, and taking a peek into its internal structure makes it clear to see why. NSB is a unique construction contractor that has its clients’ vision in mind at all times. There isn’t a single project that it hasn’t completed to the highest degree of quality, and this overwhelming devotion to its craft is what makes it such an outstanding force to be reckoned with within the sector. Its prowess is undeniable, and, thanks to its experienced team and managing director, it’s redefined what it means to operate within the industrial sphere. And, with big plans for the remainder of 2023, NSB is certainly a contractor to look out for. Contact: Gary Lai You Ngen Company: Nuripac Sdn Bhd Web Address: welcome.nuripac.comen/home

14 | South East Asia Awards 2023 Most Innovative AI & Automation Solutions Provider 2023 - Malaysia AI is a deeply complex tool, and most are still working out the kinks that partner a range of productions. However, there are those who have managed to gain an understanding of AI that allows them to utilise it to ensure others are able to effectively apply AI to their practises. Imagine AI is one of the leading companies within this sector, and it utilises its extensive prowess in order to provide solutions for Automation, AI Vision, and Robotics. Acting as a technology company that assists clients in building stable digital infrastructures for modern manufacturing, Imagine AI seeks to define the future of the Automation, AI Vision, and Robotics industry. Its passion for the craft is evident throughout each of its practises, and it compiles all of its services into an affordable package that’s both accessible and intuitive. As a result, companies and businesses are presented with a viable and effective means of transforming their production processes. Specialising in AI vision technology and quality control inspection, Imagine AI is able to deliver systems that are wholly geared towards assisting clients in utilising AI in order to detect defects throughout their production processes. Its innovative technology grants companies and businesses alike the ability to utilise on-demand inspections, and is applicable throughout a multitude of industries. This, combined with its streamlined and intuitive nature, makes Imagine AI’s technology the go-to for any collective wanting to apply it as soon as possible. This is best seen through its AI Vision Standard Inspection Machines, which have been specifically developed with the PCB and Precision Engineering industries in mind. This technology hosts a full integration of hardware and software, and is capable of operating under any sort of guidance. In addition, thanks to its user-friendly GUI, Imagine AI’s standard machines can be operated by any technician, regardless of whether they have computer vision or programming experience or not. Imagine AI is committed to accessibility and affordability, and this is evident through the success of its technologies. As one of the fastest growing technology startups in Malaysia, it’s easy to see that Imagine AI has dedicated itself towards absolute excellence. It’s been consistently accelerating digital transformation within South East Asia through the implementation of its easyto-operate technological advancements. Its products act as an undeniable asset within any company, all whilst maintaining its ease of use. However, none of this would be possible without Imagine AI’s team of exceptional individuals. When selecting new members for its staff, Imagine AI is incredibly intricate with its hiring process. It’s not interested in seeking out the next faceless individual, but is actively searching for people who are both passionate and incredibly knowledgeable about the AI field. Every employee is valued as an integral part of the company, and it’s thanks to this careful selection that Imagine AI is able to handle each and every project with professionalism, care, and attention. Its innovative work culture and talent development schemes really place Imagine AI in a unique position within the industry. It’s continuously on the lookout for the next big talents that the field has to offer, all whilst keeping the best interests of its current employees at the heart of everything it does. By implementing continuous training for each and every individual under the Imagine AI name, it’s been able to foster an unrelenting brilliance that’s perfectly captured in its work. Imagine AI is a solutions provider unlike any other within Malaysia. There’s an overarching theme of dedication throughout each and every project it partakes in, and it’s this close attention to detail, both in terms of clients and employees, that allows it to truly shine within the industry. Nobody understands AI technology quite like Imagine AI, and we’re sure it’s going to continue to thrive as AI progresses in the future. Contact: Nur Alya Syamimi Company: Imagine AI Sdn Bhd Web Address: May23117

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16 | South East Asia Awards 2023 Koh Samui Construction specializes in crafting custom-built villas, resorts, and hotels that exemplify elegance and sophistication. Renowned as the preferred choice for many foreign investors and high-profile individuals, this esteemed construction company has cultivated an extensive list of distinguished customers through its exceptional track record of transforming their dreams into tangible masterpieces. Best Luxury Construction & Design Company 2023 - Thailand Koh Samui Construction, a highly respected company in the construction industry of Asia, has solidified its position as a trusted partner in creating homes that harmonize with the island life of Koh Samui. Leveraging its extensive experience on this picturesque Thai island, the company places a strong emphasis on utilizing recycled and sustainable materials, seamlessly integrating ecoconscious living into the daily lives of its clients through meticulously designed living spaces. With an unwavering commitment to exceptional client service and resolute dedication to their craft, Koh Samui Construction has emerged as a true leader in the market. Going the extra mile to meet their clients' needs, they offer immersive experiences such as 3D renderings and the personal involvement of their founder, Jake Robinson. Jake works closely with governing bodies such as the Tessaban and Land Office throughout the construction process, ensuring utmost client satisfaction to Thai legal specification. This customercentric approach has earned the company a well-deserved reputation for excellence. While confronting challenges such as the need to import certain materials due to the island's limited resources, Koh Samui Construction has overcome these obstacles, establishing itself as a prominent voice in the construction industry. Boasting an impressive portfolio that includes luxury villas, beach resorts, nightclubs, restaurants, and diverse refurbishment projects, the company possesses a wideranging set of capabilities, tailored to meet the unique requirements of each client. Koh Samui Construction serves as a comprehensive solution provider, guiding clients from the acquisition of land to the realization of their dreams, seamlessly managing legal complexities, and ultimately handing over the keys to their exquisite properties. The company takes immense pride in working collaboratively with clients, valuing their input throughout the design process and offering expert advice to bring their visions to life. Despite the various challenges posed by small island building creation, Koh Samui Construction continues to thrive and deliver personalized structures, even amidst the pandemic. The May23217 company's aesthetically stunning and purpose-built designs not only captivate the senses but also provide clients with peace of mind, knowing that every detail has been meticulously crafted. At the heart of this success lies their dedicated team, whose unwavering commitment plays a pivotal role in delivering exceptional results. Remaining attuned to the latest design trends, Koh Samui Construction ensures that clients' projects remain contemporary and relevant. Transitioning from traditional architectural styles to modern, open-plan layouts featuring captivating infinity edge swimming pools, the company adapts to evolving preferences. Guided by the wealth of experience amassed by their founder, Jake Robinson, who has hosted renowned building shows on the BBC for over a decade and has worked on projects spanning the globe, Koh Samui Construction possesses the expertise to handle any undertaking with finesse and precision. Looking ahead to 2023 and beyond, Koh Samui Construction is excited to bring forth a myriad of client visions, maintaining its position at the forefront of the industry. With a steadfast dedication to realizing dreams and a steadfast pursuit of excellence, the company is poised to shape the landscape of luxury construction and continue exceeding expectations. Company: Koh Samui Construction Contact: Jake Robinson Website: https://kohsamui. construction/

South East Asia Awards 2023 | 17 Apr23541 Based in Bangkok, A.M.O Intergroup Co., Ltd. is a home decoration company that designs, develops, and produces sustainable decorations and furniture using local natural materials like bamboo and sugar palm wood. Serving customers that primarily operate within the hospitality, residential, commercial, and interior design spaces, the company offers a stunning range of sustainable and eco-luxe products under the brand name ‘AMO ARTE’. A.M.O Intergroup was founded by Amonthep Kachanonda, an award-winning designer who has spent more than a decade exploring the potential uses of sustainable materials in design. Over the years, he has developed a passion for using bamboo, sugar palm wood, and other local materials to create products that are both attractive and eco-friendly. The endless creative possibilities of these materials are showcased in the AMO ARTE range of designs, which all boast an irresistible natural, organic, and high-end appearance. The brand truly embodies the essence of sustainability, reflecting Amonthep’s commitment to driving the use of natural materials in the creation of high-quality furniture and interior design products. Throughout his career, Amonthep has leveraged the opportunity to learn local methods of craftsmanship, combining this wisdom with his signature use of local materials to promote sustainability across the world. Through this, he has come to understand the environment, culture, and lifestyle associated with the source of his materials. As such, his designs are inspired by the culture and wisdom of his local surroundings, resulting in the creation of beautiful pieces of furniture that are tasteful, natural, and full of life. As a lifestyle product business, A.M.O Intergroup creates unique decorative items that appeal to the lives, passions, and interests of the individuals that use them. To its customer base, the company presents descriptive timelines of product development, aiming to communicate the value and individuality of its items whilst fostering trust in its dedication to sustainability. In this, A.M.O Intergroup does not just intend to market its products, but instead it primarily strives to showcase the environmentally friendly manner in which they are produced. The company believes that more businesses should take sustainability seriously rather than championing it for marketing purposes alone. By choosing to purchase a product designed by AMO ARTE, customers are making a conscious decision to support a brand that genuinely cares about the environment and is committed to making a difference. Those looking to source sustainable furniture and decoration items that are both eye-catching and functional are encouraged to visit the AMO ARTE website as well as its social media pages. As a result of its excellent, innovative, and sustainable products, A.M.O Intergroup Co., Ltd. has been awarded Leading Experts in Home Decoration, Thailand, in the South East Asia Business Awards 2023. We congratulate Amonthep Kachanonda and his team on this achievement and look forward to seeing what they go on to accomplish in the coming years. Contact: A.M.O.intergroup Co., Ltd. Company:Amonthep Kachanonda Web Address: Leading Experts in Home Decoration 2023 - Thailand

18 | South East Asia Awards 2023 May22239 SK Specialties Sdn Bhd is a manufacturer and supplier of controlled release fertilizer capable of single application benefits. SK Specialties prides itself on utilising the latest technology in polymer coating to provide an innovative and affordable solution to the horticulture and agriculture industry in Malaysia and beyond. Since its inception in 2009, SK Specialities Sdn Bhd has been at the very forefront of the market when it comes to producing highquality, controlled release fertilisers. Based in Malaysia, the company was the pioneering first manufacturer to introduce such fertilisers to the South East Asian market. It has a production capacity of 30,000 tonnes annually, but this is set to rise as SK Specialities has expansion plans currently underway. Such is its commitment to meeting the growing demand for its flagship product, the SK Cote series controlled release fertilisers. By utilising vegetable oil derivatives in its polymer coating, the solution it provides is reliable and sustainable for farmers and gardeners alike. SK Specialties believes that every plant deserves the best possible nourishment, and so its controlled release fertilisers are designed to gradually deliver nutrients over a period of time, resulting in healthier plants and increased yields. It aims to provide customers with a superior quality fertiliser that meets specific needs whilst still being affordable. Its commitment to quality is reflected in its ISO 9001:2015 certification, ensuring the company adheres to the strictest of standards for its manufacturing processes and product quality. SK Specialities’ core values are sustainability, quality, and innovation. It always strives to use sustainable materials and methods in its production processes, promoting a greener future with a constant focus on minimising the environmental impact of both its manufacturing techniques and the materials it uses. It is committed to producing and delivering only the highest quality controlled release fertilisers to promote healthy plant growth. It’s also dedicated to staying at the forefront of technology and research in the field of plant nutrition, constantly seeking new, and innovative ways to improve its product and services. With these core values at the heart of what it does, clients are always assured their needs will be met. SK will even custom make bespoke formulations to cater to clients’ specific plant nutrition needs. There are particular challenges and opportunities to be found for SK Specialities working within the South East Asia region. It realises that Malaysia is something of a unique country where, despite its small land size, domestic fertilizer consumption is comparatively high. This means the domestic market it operates from is stable. It is also located within a strategic position along major trade routes, enabling easy access to international markets. As Malaysia's energy costs are also relatively low, SK Specialities has a major cost advantage compared to other international producers. This also provides excellent opportunities for it to enter new international markets as well. The company works very closely alongside its clients to ensure its product meets their specific needs. The bespoke formulations it offers come without a specific requirement for high volume purchase, as ultimately SK believes, overall, in the importance of helping its clients to achieve the very best results in plant nutrition needs. Its product also comes replete with a biodegradable polymer coating, whereas others in the market do not offer this sustainable option as standard. The culture at SK Specialities values honesty, quality, and teamwork, so naturally these are the qualities the company looks for in any new staff joining the business. As it has a top-down approach, communication is heavily encouraged regarding products, with feedback on quality improvement encouraged. The objective is always to achieve the utmost customer satisfaction, and thus the company culture is built to ensure this attainment. Unfortunately, due to the current unstable economic situation, the demand for fertilizers has dropped off. This has been a challenging situation to tackle, but SK has adapted to it by openly communicating with its clients regarding price trends. The company has adopted a justin-time strategy to minimise its clients exposure to price trends, and also minimise inventory. Its plan is to ensure any current clients are looked after and properly supplied with just enough inventory to meet their needs, whilst keeping prices affordable. Going forwards, the company has intentions to expand, and increase its presence in even more countries. As the recently announced winner of Most Innovative Fertiliser Producer 2023 – Malaysia, there is no doubt this hardworking company will only continue to excel as it broadens its horizons. Company: SK Specialties Sdn Bhd Web: Contact Name: Adrian Wong Most Innovative Fertiliser Producer 2023 - Malaysia May23017